Skillful handling of Mokume-Gane

Who ever wanted to know, what you can do with the over 300-year-old Japanese metal processing technology, and how to process the material, which should definitely not the Mokume-Gane workshop from October 26 to 29 C. Hafner in Pforzheim Miss. Mokume (wood grain) Gane (metal) is created by the layers welding of thin plates of different Nonferrous and precious metals. Working with the metals is extremely difficult. So must be taken into consideration in the processing of a surface on the metal composition and the number of metal layers. Must be taken for example, how much the sheet metal for further processing into length and width will warp, when and how much should be annealed and to deal with cracks and injury of the metal. Under the guidance of experienced speakers Norbert Rentschler, the participants will learn to master the material. In addition to create finished work, can be taken home many tricks and tips.