Freshwater Fishing Tips

The reservoir El Carrizal in the province of Mendoza, provides a constant and very funny pique. Besides living a day aboard rafts typical mirror.

El Carrizal reservoir and dam are emplaced in the middle reaches of the river Tunuyán, in the center of the province of Mendoza, upstream of the city of Rivadavia.The mirror has an approximate length of 14 km and a width of between 4 and 5 km.The road leading to the east side of the lake crosses the wall from where its blue waters and the landfill are observed. On that margin they are several fishing clubs and nautical, allowing the visit of tourists who enjoy these places paying a very convenient entry.

in its waters you can practice a variety of sports, including windsurfing, sailing, parasailing, kayaking and fishing, the reason for this trip to cuyana land. The invitation came from a group of clubs in the place, Belisario Peroni and Omar Rodriguez (captain Clementina raft). The fishing would realize on Saturday May 9, starting from the fishing club Las Heras, located on the east coast of the dam. The departure was scheduled for 10 am. The weather forecast was very favorable for our fishing day.

Upon arrival at the scene, the raft Clementina surprised me. It has everything you need for a great day of fishing. The group several fans of local clubs were integrated, which, in addition to good fishing, a climate of cordiality overall predicted, something that happened to me every time I visited Mendoza.

As soon as the raft sailed to the fishing area, told me that we would go fishing to pandito (referred to herein as the sectors where there is not much depth). We were in places with a fund of 6 to 8 meters, given that the reservoir is greater than 30 meters deep, with an average of between 16 and 18 meters. After sailing for about 30 minutes, we anchored the boat.

The equipment used were short of between 2.10 and 2.40 meters, very light and very sensitive toes reeds. The rigs can be with or without buoys seesaws, and two type lines paternóster hooks without buoys, fishing and pulse.

The raft comes fully equipped with support rods, meaning that once the line is thrown into the water, the cane is placed on these accessories and are parallel to the water, protruding from the boat entirely. As its very fine tip, detects the slightest touch of pique silverside, as in depth as bite feels very soft. When you start to fish must locate the depth to which you are eating silversides first. This is achieved by nooses that are assembled on nylon reel. We tested thoroughly and half water, but most piques were given the first choice. It was necessary to measure the depth and locate the two hooks of the rocker about 5 cm from the bottom.