Women discover the timepieces

More and more women enjoy more and more also for mechanical watches, which so far was for men. And how women are nunmal so that they are highly demanding also when buying watches. Offers practical functions such as date and moon-phase display like combined with craftsmanship, good readability and refined design. Also, the watch to the evening dress should fit just like the casual look and of course also to the trouser suit for the Office. The clock must also fashion jewelry visually blend in with as with Grandma’s heirlooms. Advantage is when it also has VIP status, is worn also by actors or top models. The Nobel brands have long since adjusted to this trend and developed its own clock lines for consumers. But also in the boarding area, there are some interesting models, I would like to introduce a small selection here once.

Carucci Saliano CA2157WH

Carucci Venezia CA2103 WH-BK

Engelhardt 3867-008 white with stones

Max bill by junghans Chronoscope 027-4003.44

Cover: Engelhardt 3849-002 rose gold white