Football Boots with Socks Built In

Whether by Adidas or Nike socks football boots there today by any manufacturer. But what are the advantages of socks in soccer cleats?

Football Boots with Socks Built In

Socks football boots from Nike, Adidas and Puma

Soccer shoes with socks, each manufacturer has today in the assortment. From Nike Mercurial Superfly about Adidas Ace to Puma evotouch socks football boots are nothing special anymore. But it is in the new football boots just a trend or has the “socks” really Vortiele?

The advantage of football shoes with socks?

According to Hoticle, many plus size players who have ever worn football boots with socks swear in connection to the new generation of football boots. In particular, the stability is intended to be much better. This is probably the biggest advantage of socks soccer shoes. In fact, provide additional stability of socks in the ankle. The thus generated feeling may even have an impact on your game.

Important: Although the socks ensures at the soccer shoes for added stability so this is not a replacement for a right bandage or a tape. Both the tape as well as the drum are considerably tighter and tighter as the socks

Wilt thou then you Nike, Adidas or Puma socks soccer shoes in the shop so they can support you additionally. With an injury but the stabilization is not sufficient alone.

What advantages do the socks soccer shoes for you? Write us in the comment.