Fluorescent Nail Polish Glow in the Dark

Fluorescent nail polish or nail polish glow in the dark are not on the agenda as the enameling because they are not new. Arose some years ago and are already part of traditional color palette of manufacturers. In the fashion of the day to day, they are not so famous and widely used on the streets, they are very fashions and good tips to use in evening events. With the black light, they stand on the hands and are a luxury. The darker, more enameling will stand out.

The spread of the fluorescent glaze is they glow in the dark. In the ’90s was pure fashion lipstick with this style, clothes and accessories that when the light gets away, they excel. The more intense the color and darker it gets, the more such item to show. It’s a magical effect and without many tricks, just being coated or manufactured with differentiated products discussed on http://www.carswers.com/2016/05/23/how-to-make-and-apply-stickers-for-nails-decorated/.

Fluorescent fashion have been as many times trend. One time was in the 90s when everything glowed in the dark came in clothing, decorative accessories and room ceilings. After a few years and the beauty industry has invested in everything that was in fashion full year 2000 , and appeared cool nail polish and accessories for fashion. The glazes are fruits that and are still on the market! For a rave, night party or fall in dance at the club, has nothing more fashion!

Brands and Prices of Fluorescent Enamels

Impala – the mark of the world have the basic colors of nail polish glow in the dark, which are pink, purple, orange, purple, green and yellow. The basic price is on average R $ 4.

Colorama – in less intense colors that the World Impala manufacturer, Coloroma invests in some delicate shades for fluorescent enamels, like pink pale, lilac and the like. The average price of the product brand is $ 5.

Risqué – the most traditional and giant nail products also produces great glaze for colored and very cool hands. Pink pale is its highlight, which is rose pink in black light. Average price per glass is R $ 7.

Delias – differentiated jars of the brand is one of the highlights for your collection of enamels. The value for product is on average $ 8, and one of the highlights of color is light and yet vibrant green in the dark.

OPI – the nail polish brand has imported a small, basic line of fluorescent enamels or known also as neon enamels. Price of R $ 20 and worth taking a look in the other colors of the brand, well -stocked and known to hang out after a long time of the hands only

Blant – seeking a green so intense it worth falling in the club just to use the neon enamel? The Blant is your brand. The average price is $ 16 per glass, and some say that is not enough for a creamy glaze, it takes to get hard and so easy to apply. The downside is that your glass is small, a little less than the most popular competitors.

Cora – popular brand and not in Brazil, but who find love will know that the brand sells jars for less than R $ 3. There are places that can be purchased for only $ 1.50 and by no means is bad . They are more ralinhos enamels, but nothing that a layer of glitter not make it last longer.

Big Universe – very popular Brazilian brand in the South and Southeast with medical price of $ 7. The colors are basic, but the yellow is more intense and day is opaque and become discrete and elegant.

Tips Nail Decorated with Fluorescent Enamel

Do not know how to use fluorescent enamels differently? There are good enameling tips with decorated nails, such as:

  • Fingernail French with neon tip- paint day that colors are not too vibrant, like French colorless or income and a pink tinge. It is discreet and elegant.
  • Fingernail decorated with ladybirds only child- using colors in neon, paint one hand with a drawing in neon that day does not seem abnormal. It can be flowers, polka dots and coolest ideas.