Flappy Birds Sequel Is Ready

Dong Nguyen is the man behind the ultrapopulære Flappy Bird, and now he is ready with the next game after the same recipe.

Flappy Bird took the world by storm, and stormed the various appportaler, and the man behind is now ready with the sequel, which again should give mobile gamers nightmare. The name is Swing Copters, and the concept is something you’ve seen before.

In rough outline, it can be said that if you swap the birds out with a small man with a helicopter helmet, and then turns the Flappy Bird 90 degrees so it flies up, so are we actually know to be at Swing Copters.

Touch Arcade has been allowed to try the game before it is published on the 21st, and it is reported that the game is hard. It also looks like this when you see the video, since has made with the game.

The game will be free, when it will be released, but you will have the opportunity to buy himself out of the advertisements.