Fishing Until The Last Moment

We had organized with my cousin: Santiago Vazquez, a fishing trip for Sunday, April 2, but see the Outlook decided to change it to on Saturday since the rain was going to be much more weak…

Once we enter at the entrance to Paranacito we did approximately 13 kilometres and there bend in a dirt road. We got to stay where we left the car (previous days gave us permission to enter) and then walk over 3 km until you reach the stream that we choose.

The climate was unclear, by the time drizzle and isolated times out the Sun, while wind was a moderate with lots of trees that was almost it not noticeable. The first shots perform them with lure depth and half water (rubber z man and mustang minnow) since the water was very cold and was going to cost to make them go up.

The tarariras did not wait and the mustang minnow began to shine. Then take a few the clock was ticking and water was heating up, it was time to start on surface or sub-surface failing. After disturbing them a bit with poppers, strollers and propellers began the feast, sizes were medium in general with some exceptions.

After midday fishing became a little more complicated in surface having to average water lure defined by DigoPaul. Of little clouds were installing and Lightnings were listening to, but until not start rain we were not going to go. At about 1630 hours began to rain… and how! We arrived at the van running all soups, to make matters worse still we needed the dirt road that was not good. Fishing, as it is in an area so it was 100% return with artificial.

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