Fishing Status Pique

Cuenca del Salado. From the fishing Don Eduardo told us that pique the varied with carp and big catfish, and some medium patíes boguitas is excellent. As smooth, the pique is very irregular. By the entrance of rainwater they have plenty of food and leave some, but very few.

It is much peje boy biting and medium near the shore, with good light elements and bait, worms and girls or potbellied mojarras. It really is a very entertaining fishing. The best part is passing high voltage cables. Jorge Lopez stresses us that La Cascada is another point to consider for fishing for kingfish. La Paz. Victor Flores tells us that the week started bad for pique in general due to a rebound from the river and rainy days, but the weekend, specifically on Sunday, appeared lot of guys surubíes. There were few sacks of gold, but that was very good was varied with the thumbscrews as protagonist; patíes also armed, bream and yellow catfish. He was caught with live bait and spinning lures doing. The river is at 3.42 meters, the water is murky and 24 ° C. Chaco (by Daniel Quinteros). The foundered on this area of our coast was acceptable, especially for gold, searching lure deep. Coast also there are good chances if we talk about the sector that corresponds to the Isla del Cerrito with excellent armed, we suggest returning to his half as many are with roe. There are also moncholos, virreynas and variety of species of skin with pasta and worms. Villa Paranacito (by Hector Deibe). The water streams down the Argentine side is black due to the recent rains, forcing seek the Uruguayan coast fishing or near the canal. This weekend was good catches of rowers, with outstanding sizes. On Saturday, including some gold, he left a puppy of about eight to nine kilos. Linda surprise! Goya. Luis Maria Bruno toured all fishing with extremely low river and very turbid water. Many guys got in response surubí cubs, up to three kilos for fishing lures. It was impossible to find the golden state water.

Rio de la Plata. Berisso ( in embankments nice rush of rowers, who continue performing as in the best of times, with copies averaging 2.5 kilos, and in some cases have come pieces that exceeded 4 kilos . The gold still eat in growing; it is best to look between the sticks lure deep. As for the varied leather, these days were spectacular armed. Silverside and you can fish, but consider that the days have many ups and downs by high temperatures. As it cools the water, this species will be fully in these waters. Magdalena: Santiago Carrasco tells us that this week embarked fishing was conducted where the pique of gold bogas and anchored on stone wells is not as strong but still catches are still achieved. Regarding the silverside, and were the first copies and as always, when the fishing at this time of year, they also take the patíes cichlids and catfish. The modality for the silver arrow on the Rio de la Plata Sur is shipped, drifting buoys and baiting with fish oil. Guazú ( The long weekend took place with armed species like catfish; camalote and also left some gold buoys portly. At night, in low areas of reeds and rushes, making come alive with dark, presence and capture some surubíes occurred. Regarding the vogue, pique and almost zero catches. From the docks, fishing is very unstable, with days of good answers catfish, patíes, armed and bogas portly, others where fishing is given by performing sets out well and some to the leg of the docks. In this weekend under a lot of murky water that he damaged fishing. Isla Botija: Claudio Cantelli tells us that only gave throughout the day with a mandubí, some cute white catfish and armed. Pasaje Talavera: docks and coast, large amounts of yellow catfish and picudito type guy; embarked, great white catfish and armed is most prevalent. The very turbid shallow water. Isla La Paloma: the weekend pique very little of some species of medium skin girl. Gutiérrez River: down many water hyacinths and water remains cloudy, with a very reluctant pique. Over the weekend some white and armed catfish were given. Parana Bravo: capture armed, catfish, bream and some good gold were recorded. The pique is not stable and the river, very changeable. Paraná de las Palmas (Zárate-Campana): the highlight of the week was the presence of mandubíes very good care of transportation, camaloteando with snoods measuring a meter twenty one meter fifty-performing incarnate with fresh bream caught in the day. They loosened enough responses and capture bogas and there is much presence and catches catfish and patíes guys. Puerto Constanza: this weekend pique very remiss with the response of some catfish and armed. Doradito and Wharf Marshes: piques few responses rowers, armed and catfish. Arroyo Brazo Largo: we communicate with Roberto, owner of the camping washing machine, and told us that no response from some minor skin varied composed of catfish and patíes. Some girls boguitas and regarding surubíes, tents, gold and tarariras, the pique is cut very black water coming down from the fields. Arroyo El Potrero: skin varied medium to girl. Canal Alem (1st and 2nd section): the pique is a little lethargic; variadita only given for a minor skin and nothing else. Rio Carabelas: the pique this week remained very reluctant giving only catches of smaller species. ATLANTIC COAST San Blas. The coast fishing season begins this week and runs until September 30. Only fish from coast those who know, those who throw over a hundred meters, those seeking certain places … At this time whiting, croaker, mackerel, gatuzo, borriqueta, sole, stripe, pooch, conger eel, fish and fishing pole snook. Monte Hermoso. Leandro Pereira, our leader in the area, tells us that pique is interesting, with very good sea bass fishing 3 to 4 kilos and whiting, as always, there are those who want to take … Bagres of 3 kilos and came a black drum of 17 kilos, something never seen in this area. In addition pejerreyes escardones coast and very portly add. Santa Clara del Mar. Eduardo Canueto had excellent harvests in the outputs of the weekend, proving that March will be much better in terms of weather conditions. The varied sea is still no sign – in the summer was a letdown important , but recovered enough. . Croakers medium and fat blondes, brótolas, conger eels, some catfish, gatuzos, melgachos portly, much bacotín and hammerhead sharks, pompano and some anchovies in the form of spinning.