Fishing Research Agreement with SOMU

Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Nation, Norberto Yauhar, as the highest authority of the National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP) signed an agreement this morning with Secretary General of Maritime Workers Union (SOMU), Omar Suarez, linked to research of fishery resources and the marine environment.

At the end of the section, the undersecretary Yauhar stressed the importance of the agreement with the Blue Foundation SOMU indicating that “changes an axis in the perspective and the relationship that has been taking in one of the phases of the national fishing as it is to research. ” ” So far we were tied exclusively to INIDEP, the fleet of ships and in some cases the private sector to conduct research. Now with this agreement we are adding, in the first instance, the use of ships of the Foundation, both the “Comet” and the “General Belgrano”, which will allow us to train seafarers and board our biologists and researchers INIDEP in a joint research work with the union sector. ” ” it’s another step in this management policy, not only the task of investigation do INIDEP but also to work with who then will work up boats . See for fishing tips and tricks. I believe that it is the workers themselves who offshore can defend the action, beyond inspections and controls made by the State , “said Yauhar. The secretary believes that” it is good to also start a campaign within the unions to that the appeal is dealt with more responsibility than they have had so far and the best way is to do it through this type of research agreement where they come into contact with biologists and scientists and explain the treatment you must give the resource. ” referring to the certification of species, Yauhar highlighted the progress that has been the private sector that has made contracts to certify a certain number of species of the Argentine sea. It is a breakthrough that has been welcomed by environmental organizations that are permanently working on Argentine resource protection. We have to know the importance of the work being done by the private sector and now joins with the State, through the INIDEP with its technical and scientific staff and trade unions with their fleet, to contribute to the research of Argentina fishery “concluded the national official. in this regard, the secretary General of SOMU, Omar Suarez, said that this is a joint project between the Undersecretariat of Fisheries, INIDEP and BLUE Foundation of the Union of Maritime Workers that aims to preserve the marine and lacustrine resources. “we work 365 days a year, strengthening the concept of care and preservation of the marine, river and lake environment , ” he said . “with this agreement we intend to lay the groundwork for continued and determined work for our work is framed in intense environmental protection around us, as part of the responsible development of our tasks facing our children and nietros and future generations , “said the trade unionist.