Fishing Locations in Winter

Tents show no obvious signs of his whereabouts due to their passive condition during winter. This makes it more difficult to find. However, you should keep your eyes open for a possible hot spot. We will pay special attention to areas where waterfowl are often, but also a few small bubbles rise to the surface, or a piece of land floating suddenly can reveal the presence of fish. What are the resting places of the tent in winter? If we find these areas have a good chance to catch a nice fish.

If you know a place that has a hot water inlet, be assured that the tent will be there.These fish are lovers of warm temperatures. Another great advantage is that you can stay long here without the water from freezing. I can assure you drill the ice on a cold morning is very unpleasant when you see that the line has been trapped in frozen water and you realize that there is a tent at the other end.


  • In the channels running water, a tent is much more active and therefore will be easier to catch.
  • Ports, bridges, holes, etc are places where you can almost always catch a fish. A carp loves to maintain a “roof” over your head.
  • The best areas in lakes are often places where fish can make the most of the sun and they are not hit by the cold wind from the north or east.
  • Obstacles such as overhanging trees, “jungles” filled old algae are certainly places where you can shelter a tent.
  • As I mentioned earlier, monitor the movements of waterbirds.They often swim together, as they are immersed in areas where there is food. In addition, carp feed on waterfowl droppings containing minerals and scraps of bread that people throw into the water.