Fishing in Uruguay River

Brazilian blow dealt to fishermen who were traveling in boats on the Uruguay River in the town of Monte Caseros, who absconded to be detected by a patrol of the Naval Prefecture. In their flight they left abandoned 23 networks of Brazilian origin that were to be used for fishing for different fish species in the Answerresume, which were seized.

According to a report of the prefecture, delegation Monte Caseros, operating on Tuesday took place in the early morning hours by personnel patrolling the right bank of the Uruguay River. When they were at kilometer 505.6, river mouth Miriñay, the prefecturianos using night vision goggles detected movements of motorboats in that vicinity. The patrol went to meet him but the intruders to notice the presence of the soldiers chose to flee towards the Brazilian coast. Later a wide raking by and with the first light of day was done was able toplace on the 23 networks river about 60 meters each, totaling 1,380 meters networks.These elements, of Brazilian origin, were united in various sectors, “cutting” in several places Miriñay the mouth of the river, proceeding to his abduction. The networks were transferred to the dependence of Prefectural Monte Caseros where it was at thedisposal of Flora and Fauna. The procedure was performed protected by the Provincial Decree No. 1304/78, the Directorate of Flora and Fauna of the Province of Corrientes. The federal institution recalled that the use of these fishing gear (nets and trammel nets) are prohibited, and that their use causes great depredations in fish, since they do not recognize species or measures and seriously affects the fish fauna.