Fishing in El Tunal

Sports fishermen and those responsible for the Defensores Club February 20 Metán expressed concern about the depredation of species for marketing that exists in the area of the Oath river and dam Tunal.

One of the species most affected is that of the shad, which are extracted with nets and other prohibited items. Then copies go on sale.

“Predators are entering by The Warehouse to the area of dam placed large networks and take hundreds of tarpon that are sold to people of Jujuy and Tucuman , ” said a fisherman to The Tribune. In recent years, lovers of activity have been felt frustrated by the numerical retraction of rowers, catfish and golden on the dike and in the emblematic river. “Before we could get good parts in the area of the village of El Tunal in the Pledge river, but commercial fishing with nets and traps are doing serious harm in a while , “he told fans sport fishing. in nearby dam Tunal operates a lacustrine division Provincial Police who conducted several operations in so far this year, but the institution seems not cope against the actions of predators. Like every week, the Department of Environment reported that controls performed in rivers and reservoirs salteños. People fishing without permission and using trawls, prohibited by regulations found. “Technical Area Biodiversity and Control and Supervision inspected this week of day and night dam Tunal and the Pledge River in its various areas. There they found anglers who carried no license or fishing permits, fishermen throwing a skirt like network and performing other prohibited activities. All of them were carved out an inspection report and they made the preventive seizure of equipment used ,”they stressed from the Secretariat.