Fishing Event Calendar

SEPTEMBER 26 and 27 September XIV Provincial Festival of La Boga and Pacú in Ita-Corrientes- Ibaté he was suspended on 20 June by much height río.- 26, 27 and 28 September At that time the meeting point the Sport Fishermen is the World Capital of Sport Fishing. We are talking about Goya (Corrientes) October 4 and October 5 La Paz (Entre Rios) 23º PARTY PROVINCIAL oF DORADO ENTRERRIANO 12th National Meeting FLY CAST 4th wITH LURES October 5 the quotation is anglers Federation (E.Rios) to fish in the lake dam Santo Grande in Federation (Entre Ríos) on the 9th. Provincial Party Varied Fishing Lake Salto Grande 5to. Tournament Embarked by Species with Return Organizes Fishing Club Federation. October 5 XVII National Festival Codling-Club of Fishing, Hunting and Nautical Villa Gesell (Buenos Aires) More than $ 150,000 in Awards 10 to 13 October Tournament NATIONAL HOLIDAY surubí in Reconquista November 13 October 5th is coming. Regional Tournament Fishing Varied Embarked with Return in Itatí (Corrientes)

19 October
7th Provincial Tournament 24 hours of fishing in the Club Julep Sao Tome October 26 in Puerto Reconquista in Docks area, the great COAST FISHING CONTEST WOMEN Register. $ 50 fisherwoman . From 08.30 to 12.00 Hs Organizers: F.Re.P.yL.Contact: 3482453771 AWARDS. 40% of the proceeds will be distributed in prizes.October 26 Internal Tournament (Tournament Patamuslo) of coastline in the CSCyP (Santafesino Club Fishing and Hunting South Colastiné) (Free fishermen can participate) NOVEMBER November 2 2do. Fishing Contest Variada de Mar (Costa Fisheries) 6 hours of fishing. Organize. Vlub Fisheries Tres Arroyos 8 and 9 November 5th will be held. BOGA PARTY IN EMPEDRADO (Ctes.), View AndyOutdoor for freshwater fishing tips. In the classic mode FISHING WITH RETURN. Great Premios.- 7, 8 and 9 November SANTA ELENA, Entre Rios Days 7, 8 and 9 will be held the XVI Provincial Party Entrerriano Armed with Return, an event that will deliver more than $ 200,000 in prizes. This competition brings together year after year fishermen from all over the country in search of the greatest armed to make them climb to the highest step of the podium and, of course, become creditors of the juicy prizes awarded. November 9 in Puerto Reconquista in docks area, the great COAST FISHING CONTEST WOMEN. Register. $ 50 fisherwoman . From 08.30 to 12.00 Hs Organizers: F.Re.P.yL. Contact: 3482453771 AWARDS. 40% of the proceeds will be split Awards November 16Tournament Embarked 21 ° “Catfish Festival” organized by Club Atletico Franck in Sauce Viejo (Rio Coronda) November 23 NATIONAL FISHING VARIED RIO in santa faith.- 25 November Party of Armed Prov Arroyo Seco (Sta. Fe) November 30NATIONAL FISHING vARIED RIO in santa fe DECEMBER 7 DecemberTOURNAMENT FREE FISHING COAST AND AWARDS 2014, the FE.SAN.PDyL. Club El Julep Sao Tome Dec. 21 Internal Tournament (Tournament Patamuslo) of coastline on the CSCyP (Santafesino Club Fishing and Hunting South Colastiné) – Free fishermen can participate