Fishing Competition Arrives

He is waiting for fishermen who like competition ends. With the II Chayuero Meeting, to be held on Saturday and Sunday in Loreto, Santiago del Estero, calendar of competitions in the region will open.


Organized by the Department of Forest and Wildlife neighboring province and cooperative December 10, the meeting of diverse coastal fishing will take place in the Tatacu camping La Dormida. The interesting thing is that both will compete in 9-19 days.

“We are ready to receive a good amount of people. Finally decided to award prizes to those who catch shad, catfish, bream and golden larger during the two days, “said Alfredo Trombotto, one of the leaders of the organization. “There is a good level of pique catfish, basically. They are taking out bogas and catfish and gold are appearing, “he added.


It was confirmed that the techniques may be used with bait fishing (with a single hook), lure and fly. “It was further decided that participants will be required to return the gold only, but for the specimens of the other species only the sacrifice of those who exceed regulatory measures will be allowed,” said the spokesman.


Campingship added that the awards ceremony for fly fishing of beginners Sunday night will take place during a roast of camaraderie. The meeting will close with a folk rock. “The cost of registration is $ 100 and, in addition to the license, includes admission to attend the closing. Those interested can call 03854218391 or cell phone 0385154127589. It was reported that the participants will also be noted on the camping the day the contest begins.


The organizers confirmed that their idea is to repeat the meetings throughout the year and in September, do one golden fishing nationwide.


This competition will be only an appetizer to what will take place in our province, as the opening contests of the clubs is just around the corner because the water level in the Cadillal increased considerably. This weekend, the UNT clubs and Concepción end to define when the Friendship Cup competition between fishermen of both clubs and the first date of the inmates of both entities will be developed. La Angostura is the chosen stage and the second weekend of March unfold.


Ildefonso Estrada announced that the club Regatas Fishing and competition will open with a contest coast in El Cadillal. Then played the traditional Canigó, which gathers silverside fishermen throughout the region.


In recent days there were important developments. Carlos Nieva, club president UNT, confirmed that the dates of its internal made only on Saturdays. There is also an important step forward for entities organize an annual calendar dates to avoid overlap. In addition, some contacts are underway to organize competitions between clubs. If this project comes to fruition, it will be a big step for others much more important, such as the creation of the Tucumana Federation of Fishing, an old dream of all.