Fishing Clams


In the Buenos Aires coast once abundant clams; 12 years ago almost they disappeared suddenly, but three years have gone, but you should take care not to disappear again.


That is why, it has started a public awareness campaign with posters that can be seen stuck in the shop (although the campaign is not quite enough), where people are asked if they see any clam, no draw .

Those who had the opportunity to visit the beaches of Buenos Aires several years ago should remember what is stated; huge clams looked and today are (slowly growing) some smaller than before, but unfortunately some of the still extracting, and do not give the possibility to play on quantity and has clams as before. View top 10 fishing tips on


Clams illegal extraction, is punishable by law with heavy fines.


Sport fishermen are affected if no clams, because croakers do not approach the coast to eat them and the species can then capture only to no less than 4,000 meters from the coast.


Anyway, and although people do not remove as before, they do not just anglers to use clams as bait.


Hopefully this situation is urgently reversed.