Fishing by Eugenio Rivademar

Hello to all friends Fishing Argentina !!
The weather in the Northern Patagonian region (San Martin / Junin de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel) was characterized by a very dry summer and slightly higher temperatures, with highs of more than 30 ° C.
Limay 2nd. 2.16.17 (8)

This situation defined a low level of water in the rivers for these days (March). In addition, the water level causes a change of behavior in salmonids. Concretamiente, the fish seek placed in sliding deeper (more fresh, oxygenated water) and pools, and therefore with cooler waters. This situation does not provide much fishing as there are to be found in those places (pools). To this we must add that the excess fish in one place generates fights between them by space; and therefore fewer catches when visiting a river. Of course there are special cases, such Collon Cura River, which always gives us good fishing, beyond the water temperature.

Let’s talk about Superior Limay, located 20 km from Bariloche.

We visited several times in the last month. We fished both the 2nd and the 3rd Section. These two sections that cover approximately 30 km of river behaved similarly: few fish and small. And diifíciles to deceive. Only cloudy and cool days we had some nice catches in the order of kilo of weight. However, the days start to get cooler and rain a little fishing situation improves and the appearance of large-sized fish. In particular, browns start to move along the river in PRE-DESOVE period. In fact, we have seen big brown (about 4-5 kg) in different parts of the river. And until we suffer (more than a fish was a Trident submarine … no less than 5 kg class) who took our fly in seconds and took 30 mts line until cut. We were not given any opportunity !!

Beyond the mistakes that can make a fisherman with a fish of this size, this brown she never (!!) gave up. Always he handled the situation. A fish extremely skilled !!
In short, the weather and trout fishing are improving in Particularly for those who come in search of big fish. Saturday morning we will visit again. This time in its 1st Section, in search of “the great”. And we tell them.