Fishing Baits Advised for Rivers and Lakes

Rio bait fishing: Enterate here of different species and bait recommended depending on the area where it is fished.




  • Yellow: Earthworm, shad guts, guts chicken.

  • Assembly: The most used is compacted bread with mustard, also worm, salamin, beef heart, Pasta and shad guts and chicken are used.


  • Catfish in general: Earthworm, crappie, brunette, sabalito, filet of tarpon.


  • Bagre Sapo: Prefers bream, silver, silverside, toothy, California worm, worm “tubi” beef, salami, chicken guts, tosqueros, etc.


  • Boga: Heart beef, corn, salami, crappie, worm.Also dough (see recipe right here.), Snail (the white part), heart, white bait, (for juveniles), worms, shad freco mantle, etc.


  • Tent: The celebrated mass see recipes right here.Do not dismiss worm “Tubi” earthworms California duraznillo and fruits. Also in fly fishing fly cast.


  • Carp, Pacú and Boga: There is a common ground for 3 species.(See recipes right here.)


  • Chafalote: Mojarra, eel, steaks and boys toothy toothy whole.


  • Gold: It depends on the area that the fish, in the north, the most used is the living brunette, also the sabalito in the low parana and the Rio de Plata much bream fillet is used .. shad, mamacha, eel , dark, wet and yellow catfish.In the north of the Argentine Coast, the most used is the brown or sabalito living in low parana and in the Rio de Plata is used with good results crappie.


  • Dientudo: lombiz, beef heart, salamin


  • Lisa: Beef Heart dyed red, sea worm also dyed, Californian worm and worm “tubi” dyed, a bundle of threads of red wool, or anything red will serve


  • Manduvá, manduvé and manduví: whole, filet white crappie bait


  • Pico Manduvé Duck: Mojarra alive and filleted


  • Manguruyú: White Live bait (mamacha, eel, brown, etc) and cascarudo.


  • Mojarra: worm, beef heart, salamín


  • Moncholo: Earthworm, crappie, brunette, sabalito, filet of shad, shad guts, guts chicken.


  • Pacú: The most used are the fruits that grow on the shores of rivers that frequent (duraznillo fruits, kumquat, orange, watermelon, apple, etc.), but also beef heart, worms and salamín used.



  • Piranha / Palometa: It is very particularly your diet, because it enters into all kinds of fish, beef heart.


  • Pati: Anguilla, crappie, shad, eel, worm, rotten blanket shad, chicken guts and rotting shad.


  • Pejerrey: Mojarra alive, silver, tosquero and Californian worm, worm “tubi” isoca.This fish is sea, but enters the river to spawn, and as is cannibalistic as it takes silverside steak and steak dientudo, chicken guts, freshwater shrimp, etc.It can be cast fly fishing mode.



  • Beak Duck: Mojarra alive and filleted



  • Piranha and Palometa: They are very particular diet, it enters into all kinds of fish, beef heart.


  • Pira Pira: live and filleted Mojarra, toothy, beef heart.


  • Raya Rio: Morena, eel, shad, bream, worm


  • Surubi: Morena alive, cascarudo, sabalitos whole and alive, Mamachas, mud eels, beetles.


  • Tararira: Come from live or filleted bream, mackerel, buck-toothed, smooth, freshwater shrimp, frog, mice, small birds whole, guts poultry, beef and blanket tent.In making artificial light spinning spoons and lures almost any type having ones that are more effective than others as the case of flex toucan, Oreno, yiter, plop, etc. Biting also some undulating spoons, and some buoys if they move abruptly. In fly casting with no equipment 8 takes big flies midwater floating and usually white feathers. Always with “leader”.