Filigranes with Pearl – Jewelry by Eva Strepp

Pearl jewelry can be quite classic, but also very modern. It can be difficult and opulent, large and striking or very delicate and filigree – like that of Eva Strepp.

The designer at leaves the freshwater and Tahitian pearls playful fine steel cables, take silver or gold square. The pieces on the body float effortlessly and almost weightless. Feminine and curved shapes give movement and give them their special ease. Eva Strepp only sparingly deploys beads and can they act like individually. Clean lines and simple, delicate forms highlight their beauty. The jewelry designer shows that good design must be anything but complicated.

Eva Strëpp – one rings

In the news this year, renounced dependence on ring and bracelet sizes Eva Strepp and the bangles twin and one presents with its rings jewelry, which can be individually adapted to the finger and the wrist. She used a flexible spiral of steel, equips them with each freshwater and Tahitian pearls, which flexibly adapts itself to the finger for the rings. The ends of the verschlusslosen twin bangles lead in each case a bead, which is double drilled and through which passes the narrow stainless steel frost. It can move at these points and stripes over the hand. At the joint, he springs back to its original form. Is one with twin jewelry find made easy – since the size of the jewelry pieces now no longer play a role. The rings of one are available for 190 to 340 euros, twin there the bracelets with two or more beads for 238 to 325 euros.

Photos: manufacturer

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