Fenix LD 20 Flashlight Review

The days are getting shorter, the darkness takes our everyday lives, fog enveloped routes and roads determine our day. To match this, we start our November campaign “Buy one, get two” so that you are well equipped for the cold season.

When you buy a Fenix LD 20, we give you this month the quality signal bar of Fenix free to do so. The optimal distribution of the light, the signal bar close range a torch lit regardless of the best. In the road transport provides the signal bar as a warning light safe protection.

The LD20 of Fenix is distinguished by its robust and well-crafted body. For everyday wear or during outdoor activities you are ideally equipped: waterproof, shockproof and fitted with a roll away protection, Fenix LD20 is generally well thought out.
The lamp convinces with a well defined hotspot , which is brighter and clearer in contrast to the previous model , And even after their term breaks the light output is not an easy. The Fenix LD20 delivers maximum constant brightness. The lamp has four different light modes – with signal bar there are six.

So in November you have the possibility a quality product with many flashlights to acquire at an unbeatable price on Akkudo. Arm yourself for the cold season and accesses! And maybe you have thus already your first Christmas in 2010?!