Fashion Leggings How to Wear

The summer has now begun and in our closets are fully entered (and finally I would say!) Light clothing: shirts, blouses, ballet shoes, scarves and … leggings!

So this week I decided to move our interest in the change of season. That burst of energy to the wardrobe that mixes colors, fabrics and versatile clothes that only spring can give.

And it is with leggings that I would like to focus in this post. Perhaps never any item of clothing was much loved / hated as leggings or, to call them in a more old-fashioned way “leggings”.

Yes, because that of skinny leggings is, as often happens, a trend that comes back.

The very beautiful and elegant Audrey Hepburn wore in the 60s but, as we all know, the real boom of this head has exploded in the 80s: leggings clinging, almost second skin of any length and shape, satin or gloss, embroidered or smooth, in gyms like the street, a riot of color and imagination. And certainly in this new and modern trend Madonna has put his …

Today for many the leggings have become a truly indispensable leader, in all seasons: in winter under a dress or a maxi pull warming us more than any type pantyhose legs, even 100 pence, while during the summer leggings in lighter fabrics , long ankle or shorts below the knee, will reveal a practical and colorful substitute pants when the heat makes us impatient and eager to lightness.

Yet, despite all these advantages, there are those who still leggings hates them.

Basically leggings are a very easy and portable head but their main feature, i.e. the fact of being totally adherent, making them an ally for our curves but, at the same time, even our worst enemy. How many times we happened to see around girls (but also women in all respects) with some roll too sticking its connector from the leggings?
Or colorful fantasies and unusual, beautiful maybe I wear the models with 160 cm of legs but hardly worn by girls “human” …

Provided, of course, that everyone is perfectly free to choose how to dress, it is not inconceivable that certain choices in the way they dress can be subject to criticism (maybe even just think and not expressed) not really happy to be part of those who observe us.
That said, we can import some relatively judgments of others, and to some extent effect is healthy thing “sbattersene” of what other people have to criticize, but one to which we should all appeal should be self-love, the desire to feel good for who we are and how we show ourselves. Like each other and be comfortable with yourself it is really the only imperative to follow anyway.

But to return to the language of our argument, leggings, we know, then, that this garment is made ​​to enhance the legs, to put them on display and at the same time grant us comfort and convenience, then we see together how best to exploit these strengths, rather than falling into the trap of “I do not put them because both are hurting!” a priori (yes there are those who flaunts rolls and legs to X but also that who, perhaps for self-criticism, surrender before trying!).

First of all you should understand the general good rules, which apply to any item of clothing, in particular for our leggings, surely most of these suggestions will know them already, but “rinfrescarceli” occasionally serves to local mind when we’re in the store and we are undecided about what to buy:

  • The widening light colors, dark colors streamline. This is really the basis of all, it applies to any outfit.
    Simple rules to keep in mind more so with leggings.
    If your legs are skinny and we put a total balck leggings, this will accentuate the angularity and will make everything unpleasant, maybe this case it is best to opt for the imagination. Conversely, if the legs are beautiful shapely, black it will make them leaner and more harmonious.- Eye Fantasy: Who said that printed leggings are only good on skinny legs?! A beautiful colorful fantasy can also enhance the legs just from ibex, just choose the fantasies not too minute and opt for larger designs (such as large flowers rather than tiny little flowers) and directed in the longitudinal direction or upwards, and avoid thick horizontal stripes and all those drawings that “crush” downward.
  • Better to”caress” the curves: OK, not all can boast one meter eighty tall and toned legs and ultra-tapered, even after 365 days of the year of the gym, so it is easy to roll too that it is right there where we would never know it was not.
    Sometimes, however, it is also useful to get a view that what for us is a roll, can be perceived as a pleasant curve depending on how we can enhance it.
    The “critical point of leggings” in general, it is definitely the B side. These highlight in an almost analytical all zone faults, so if you wear leggings or, in general, very tight pants and purposes it is a good idea to choose a shirt that falls soft on the sides and not let all the B side found out!