Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Long, sparkles and embroidery, we are living in the time of minimalismo. Everything is well over, really worked, and even a black dress is no longer the “little black dress” and becomes a jewel, to die of love forever. Every woman is going to get creazy and have no ideas of wearing what when you have to go to a wedding, prom or any fancy party. Isn’t this right? After all, people are always seeking a powerful and glamorous look to shine on the night and win the hearts of others.

Friends, do you remember the post we made before that show some of the parades that the Maison Bais did during the 2 years of party Luxury Guess? Look here! The best part of the sweet has got to the end, today we are bringing you the rest of the outfits that have passed through the runway of the Plaenge Gourmet Space where our little party held. You can imagine the picture that when 40 women are gathering, gossiping and enjoying the party, the fascinating dresses of Maison Bais suddenly began to appear in front of them? Almost terrified our guests! Hahahahahahaha The girls went crazy! Do you think it is too much? So prepare your hearts and protect your eyes because today our shot will shine everywhere!