Fake vs Real Security Cameras

People like CCTV cameras, because their presence often refuses criminals from their ugly intentions. Even if the offense still be done recordings from the cameras will help in identifying the perpetrators, but this is not to be underestimated.Many people decide to install fake cameras instead of real financial considerations, but this is an entirely inappropriate and even bad idea. Here we’ll explain why.

Fake vs Real Security Cameras

Why Dummy Cameras Are a Bad Idea?

The reasons that make dummy cameras bad idea are far less. They certainly exceed the number of benefits from their use, if any, we can talk about them. In fact, the only benefit from the presence of fake video is likely to mislead someone very inexperienced thief that is actually secure or vigilantly their home or business. Such cameras do work only in small retail outlets, forcing customers to give up stolen goods.

Here are the main drawbacks:

Thieves Are Not so Stupid

People who install dummy cameras do with the idea that they will mislead thieves that the object really is guarded.Unfortunately, few criminals are so inexperienced that they can not distinguish the true from the false camera. What tells the thief that one is a fake camera is constantly flashing red indicator misleading the camera monitor and record. Indeed, the real cameras have such an indicator, but it is not as noticeable. Illuminating light will immediately tell the thief that your camera is a dummy.

Missing cables that are typically connected to the camera is another clue that will issue your pathetic attempt at fraud thieves. Each video camera is connected to a coaxial cable carrying the video signal to a recording device and power cord, providing the work of security equipment. No wiring is the clearest indicator that use fake cameras, which in turn provides information on the intruder that if ever attempt to defend yourself, you have values that can be stolen.

What Happens if You Combine Real And Fake Cameras?

This is another stupid idea for two reasons:

  • First: the real camera will highlight the sham appearance of false;
  • Second will suggest posegatelya which zone was observed and which – completely bare.

If secure or your business with real cameras and want to secure certain sections false, then obviously your video surveillance system was built amateur, professional because the network does not leave uncovered important areas. Professional mounted cameras are strategically positioned so as to cover the maximum possible perimeter of the protected area.

Yes Comparable Risk Against Price

Suppose, however, that home or your business become a victim of assault. In this case, not only you have failed to frighten thieves, but have no evidence against the criminal, to help the police to identify and apprehend. The desire to save some money in this case will cost you much more because on one hand you have spent any amount of dummy security equipment and on the other you have lost your valuables.

According to DeluxeSurveillance, the price of fake cameras for video surveillance is much lower than the true, there’s no dispute, but given the risks prove to be completely useless, it makes them too expensive. The better option is to invest a little much, but to use real and good working technique that really would prevent any harm, instead of relying on the ignorance of criminals. What if there really is nothing to lose, of course.