Expiration of Fishing Registration

The Naval Prefecture Argentina, informs the owners of sports boats that next Friday 31 October overcome the first installment of the Fixed Rate Annual Registration Renewal Year for 2014.

From 2012, the enrollment fee, both Jurisdictional National, suffered an increase of 10%, so that the annual value is:
Jurisdictional: $ 286
National: $ 357.50 * * (They are only a guide and for boats up to 3 tons displacement) This year, the staff of all detachments not report more if registry record, anyway is not much bigger the value of what is payable by a vessel Registration will not provide jurisdictional. WHEN TO PAY THAT VALUE? (Date / Expiration s): Always (Every year) maturities are: 1ra. Share on April 30 2da. Installment on October 31 can pay the first due date 2 installments together and actually no discount is made, given that the annual value, but for people who do not have the economic ability to pay that amount, may do so in 2 installments, dividing the total value as follows: 1st. fee: 60% 2da. fee: 40% It follows that for those who want to pay it in two installments, the amounts are as follows: Jurisdictional Registration:1st. Fee: $ 171.60 2da. Fee: $ 114.40 National Registration: This year, the staff of all detachments not report more if registry record, anyway is not much bigger is not provided the value of what is payable by a vessel Registration . jurisdictional why anyone owner of any type of boat, if you have not received the corresponding payslip in his declared address, can apply online or modify fishing lues: http://www.itypetravel.com/2016/07/modify-fishing-lures/ then clicking on the DIRECT ACCESS tO tHE CONSULTATION red icon. There tHE 3 data requested (CUIL / CUIT, DNI, and Registration) are entered should not miss none otherwise not walk the query. If you click on SEND is towards the end of the consultation, all data are received PNA (Capital Federal) and send to the address you indicated the ballot for payment at any branch of Banco Nacion Argentina, within 7 business days time of issue of the ballot. you can pay the April 30 one installment or both, which can not do is pay all together in October, because from April 30 we will be in default if it is not paid at least the first installment;so to October will not pay the total amount of 2 Fees indicated above, but the first installment is already in default and interest will apply 6 months transcurridos.- the foregoing boaters that have not recommended received the corresponding proof of payment or notification by debt, who come to the nearest units to their homes, places where they can pay the same, being the mentioned documents one of the prerequisites for navigating in waters under national jurisdiction. When express “tO tHE nEAREST tO YOUR HOME DEPENDENCY” means that just you. live in Tierra del Fuego and go walking around Formosa, you can do Prefecture Formosa, nor is itnecessary to get the Certificate of Registration, only to have memorized the . tuition, will extend the corresponding proof of payment can then pay it right there (if they are allowed to charge -for there are some delegations that are too small) or it can be done in bank.