European Championship Players of The Tournament

EM eruptions on 08-06-2012. The whole world will follow this tournament, it’s all over the media and many people are talking about it daily. In football, often talking about the exaggerated performance of the players, is that during the European Championships so? It is well known that players in professional football has been enormously high salaries. It is mainly the bigger clubs in Europe playing at a high level. Annual salary of one million euros is the most normal thing in the world.
This is the EM else? Whether the players still earn a lot of money?

European Championship Players of The Tournament


There’s UEFA amount fixed by law can earn during the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine. In addition to these fixed amounts paid to the club where the player plays normally for the normal salary. This means that players have double income. These are not included in that list.
The amount of winning is as follows:

  • Won matches in the group stage


  • A draw in the group stage

0.5 million

  • reaching the quarterfinals


  • To reach semifinals


  • The completion of the final


  • Second place in the final

4.5 million

  • vinna IN

7.5 million

Amounts wins

To give an indication of how much to make the sum of the amount won when a team wins the Championship and when the team finished second.
First place

  • Won three matches in the group stage = 3000000
  • Reaching the quarterfinals = 2000000
  • To reach the semifinals = 3000000
  • Reaching the final = 8000000
  • Victory in the last 7.5 million
  • Total = 23500000

Second place

  • Won three matches in the group stage = 3000000
  • Reaching the quarterfinals = 2000000
  • To reach the semifinals = 3000000
  • Reaching the final = 8000000
  • Second place in the finals = 4500000
  • Total = 20.5 million.

Now, what crisis?

There are thus earning large sums on the European Championship for the players. Of course, the above amounts are distributed between the team and the staff, but there is still a large amount that they deserve. In addition, most participating countries stated that if their team wins the European Cup, there is a premium for each player.France has announced that this contribution amounts to EUR 320 000 for each player. It is clear that deploy large amounts during the EC, especially in times of crisis will comment on it. Not only on the salaries of players, but also the enormous costs involved in organizing a European Championship. In Ukraine, the cost had risen to the boiler. It was expected that the 3.5 billion Euro Ukraine would cost, later calculations and additional cost has led to expectations now stands at 11.5 billion euros. A rise where the taxpayer is likely to be victims of these are expected to pay about 6 billion euros in the European Championship.

The benefits of the European Championship for players so-called contradictory, players will get a huge amount of money, while the inhabitants of one of the host countries lose simply money. It is understandable that the opposition in Ukraine demanded an investigation of the costs of the European Championship. An EC / WC always brought very jovial to the public, but there seems to be some things going on there, UEFA Prefer not want the outside world it teaches.