Electronic Cigarettes: The First Step That Is Recommended in The United Kingdom to Leave It for Ever

It’s a shocking news, the truth is that until now we only had some encouraging reports associated with electronic cigarettes, but the prestigious Royal College of Physicians of United Kingdom has published the recommendation that the smokers choose better for them than traditional cigarettes If they seek release of nicotine addiction.

The study on which this important medical group is based in the United Kingdom examines the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes and dictates that these systems that convert into vapor liquid nicotine They provide more opportunities for smokers end up leaving it. That Yes, the study recognizes that these electronic cigarettes they are more dangerous than other alternative systems, as nicotine patches for example, but that vapping It is 95% less bad than normal tobacco smoking.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States is one of the agencies that has focused on studying the dangers of these cigarettes, especially in relation to adolescents, because to have flavors such as cherry or chocolate may be more attractive than conventional cigarettes. This organization last year ruled that electronic cigarettes had surpassed conventional ones and were more popular in the United States institutes. Without a doubt, an alarming news. For CDP, contrary to what says the Royal College of Physicians UK, there is a definite conclusion of vapping to help the smokers to come off of nicotine and that many continue to smoke cigarettes.

Two different positions, two ways of seeing this issue, and of course, the starting point of a debate that should have science as a starting point to help all those people who want to quit real to make the most appropriate decision.

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