A ring in harmony: in unison by Tu ego

In unison, Latin for „ in accordance “, the new jewelry concept is the Ulm Studio TU ego. The term originally from the music stands for a ring which can be put together by a special modular system and change. The secret lies in the perfection: an inner and an outer ring be cut so precisely that she can quite easily and without tool slide into each other and be replaced by hand. The ring as a whole held it alone due to the friction of the surface. Striking interfaces, which mark the transition of the two rings, give the jewel of his distinctive profile. Viewed from above, the ring rail is accented with a single decorative element. On the side, however, revealed the smooth transition of the outer and the inner ring, wrapping up more than three quarters.

Base of each in unison ring is an outer ring made of stainless steel, which can be pure or set with diamonds. For the inner ring are currently 8 versions available: stainless steel, with and without diamonds, ivory Elforyn and black or orange Juma. Elforyn and Juma are largely mineral based with a high surface hardness and resistance of plastics. Depending on the choice of materials is a complete ring between 260 euros (stainless steel pure or with plastic) and 2510 euro (with diamonds). unison was in 2011 with the red dot design award and is patent pending. Who would like to try out the system yourself, can put together his own unison ring in the online shop of the brand to.