Down Jacket Advantages and Disadvantages

Nothing about a sensible down jacket is actually in the winter. Who has ever frozen at temperatures far below the freezing point certainly knows the feeling: you wish nothing more than a warm protective cover to the body. I’m trying why give preference to the most people in such a down jacket, this article closer to investigate. To do this we start with the advantages of a down jacket but equal times.

Advantages of a down jacket

Down-filled is rather easy in comparison to a synthetic jacket and a jacket, so it can be in most cases far better compress. Down jackets have a more congenial climate, which greatly improved the comfort. This climate feels far more comfortable and natural, than that of jackets with synthetic filling. The down is a product created by the nature, which is used to keep the body heat of the birds and to insulate from water and ambient air from the cold. What serves as a layer of insulation in these birds, may be not wrong even for us humans.Some synthetic fibres try to imitate this down, by the way, exactly.

Disadvantages of a down jacket

The biggest disadvantage of down jacket, according to Mensjacketsstore, is like of down sleeping bags in his water sensitivity. Is the down once wet, she starts to clump and loses its insulation properties. Whither the so-called loft and there are thermal bridges, which crawls the cold in the inside of the jacket. For this reason down jackets are suitable activities limited for permanently sweaty. One or two days, but that shouldn’t be a problem. One device with a down jacket in intense rain, this can become a problem. There are now also down jacket with waterproof outer shell, but the higher humidity and sweat make quite quickly for loss of the insulation. Apart from the fact, that probably too warm will be when it rains for a down jacket.

Tips for use

One is forced to achieve a high isolation effect, sweat-inducing activity by climatic conditions but there are a few ways get the loft (Bausch ability of the down).

For example, you can use a special VBL clothing (vapor-impermeable clothing; VBL vapour barrier = liner) prevent, the sweat and water vapor in the jacket. However, the disadvantage of this method is the non-existent breathability. In addition, VBL clothing is not or very difficult to purchase in the retail trade and would have to be made.

The better method is probably his down clothing periodically to ventilate and dry. In freezing temperatures, this is done by sublimation. This operation requires phases, in which the jacket must not be worn, or is worn without producing too much water vapor.

You can prevent moisture from the outside by one touches a far cut Hardshelljacke about the jacket. But also reduces the respiration activity and encourages the wet from the inside.

An synthetic fibre insulation comes under such conditions better clear what has to be paid with more weight.

Origin of the down

Another important aspect is the origin of the down. Down will be cut off from the animals don’t like wool, but plucked! This process would for living animals mean much stress and injuries, so some well-known manufacturers such as mammoth, GoLite and Yeti waive a plucked and use only down of already dead animals.

Other manufacturers make, however no information, what allows some guesses and also draw conclusions.Is, after all, quality good down of dead ducks or geese a lot more expensive than that from the plucked.

What to Consider When Buying?

  • Zip should be not fixed and destroy the sensitive outer layer.
  • Quilted seams mean always cold bridges.At low temperatures, you should forgo such seams.
  • A hood keeps your head warm and will make sure that the wind takes less attack surface and gaps on the neck.
  • The hood should close as good as possible and be adjustable even when wearing gloves.
  • It fits under my shell?


A good down jacket provides the warmth – to-weight ratio in any case and should probably be missing in any packing list for the winter. Who is aware of the disadvantages can iron them out without much effort and will be very satisfied with his Setup.