Dona Palpiteira’s Tracks are a Success

We all have a friend, someone close to us, or just someone you’ve just met who has a hunch.

Dona Palpiteira's Tracks are a Success

Pregnant women and moms are the main target of these hunches.

Who has never heard of the genre “married, when are you going to have a baby?” “You do not get used to your lap.” “The baby wants to eat. “” The baby is cold. “” His milk is weak. “

I’m sure all moms or future moms have heard something like that and even worse.

Thinking about it, the brand Grão de Gente launched the Dona Palpiteira comic strip series . This “sweet” character represents all the people who love giving advice to pregnant women and moms. They are a way of satirizing. The truth is that they have become a success in social networks.

Success of the Tracks of Dona Palpiteira

Here are some of the most vicious strips on social networks. Success is growing, and in reality, it’s hard not to laugh out loud at some of them.

Dona Palpiteira inserting her nose where it is not called, like most of us know. Raise your finger who once was the protagonist of an equal scene.

Another comic strip that made a lot of success in social networks.

Who never? We all know a Lady Palpiteira like this. It is best to laugh not to cry.

One more or two, or three guesses about the baby’s name.

A comedy with great repercussion, at a time when the subject of breastfeeding in public is very much in vogue.

Images are of the Grão de Gente brand.