Doll Up Sisters Armband

We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope the snow spoils you not the springtime! Our cure for the winter blues: Just enjoy the merry Fellows by doll up sisters!

In the new spring summer collection of lifestyle brand we encounter not only the cuddly rabbits Bruno, but also Sepp and Marie have charming cult figure maiko mouse joined, which at the same time the mascot of doll is up sisters. Known companions how the cat Ђάмõôđى, the dog Max, Emma Swan or OWL Heinrich dress in new colours. The colour of Emerald, which refreshes the colorful collection for the first time is topical. If you prefer something more discreet like is safe on the new color cashmere please. The creamy soft powder sound particularly noble acts, where the small figurines is additionally complemented with a glamorous glitter mirror. Speaking of glitter: glitter in the romantic mirror and vintage dream jewellery Brown, Golden or bronze Glitterpartikel in oval or heart-shaped jewelry items that are decorated with small flowers with fresh water Pearl. Base material is – as doll in all of the classic line jewelry – jewelry brass, which gives their distinctive vintage pieces. Also, the skull appears cheerful, decorated with flowers sugar skulls in a new guise. In addition to two other color variants there it now also completely made of brass, attached to a band of black Spanish lace.

In the fun universe of jewellery by doll up sisters still fluttering butterflies and hum Suneetha, sail swallows and blossom vintage flowers, be neat reality summer night dreams in bright colors and croak – new – small Fröschlein to the bet. Inspiring delights of spring there at and Facebook.


Photos: Arne Beck for doll up sisters