Dogs and Children

Dog owners always ask if there is a breed of dog in particular that is suitable for children. Say, “I have a son. Are the Pit Bulls good with children?” It is true that there are races that may be more appropriate than others for children. Small breeds, for example, by its tiny size and sensitivity, are not. The education that you give your dog is essential to have a child and a dog together, but the child should also know how to react to a dog and how to respect a pet. When seriously a dog bites a person, whether young or adult, some owners automatically think in getting rid of the dog, but the interaction is mutual. The following suggestions are not made so that discards the possibility of having a dog and a child together, but so that you avoid problems in the future.

What you must teach your dog
Socialize the dog as soon as you get it. It is much easier to socialize a puppy to an adult dog.

The period before the year, especially the first 12 weeks, is essential. Take it to infants and children. It allows children to give them treats. If you adopt or buy an adult dog might be already socialized. Question in the refuge of animals or kennel. Adult dogs are often quieter than the Cubs, but if it is not properly socialized the socialization process can be very long. Since the dog is a puppy you should understand that biting under any circumstances is permitted. A dog’s teeth should never touch the skin of a human. If it does, get a loud and let it just so that you know that no one will tolerate this behavior.

What you must teach your child
If there is a child in your House, whether your child or another child who is there, never you should leave it alone with a dog, regardless of the size of both. An emergency can occur and you would not be there to take the necessary measures. It is important that the child understands the rules.

• Must understand that a dog is not a stuffed doll. You as an adult you must lead by example.

• Pull the strap of a dog is unacceptable. The child should not lead to the dog with the chain until you know how to do it properly and responsibly. It pains me to admit that I have seen a host of children pulling dogs chain as if they were toys of batteries. I’ve seen huge and small dogs that are left drag by children. In clear terms, this is torture.

• Should attempt to load the dog. If the dog is very large, the child could cause damage; If the dog is small, you could drop it.

• Tighten a dog, bite, pinch him or hug him is not allowed. Teach your child the way suitable for petting a dog. Let you know excessive Petting are also more.

• If the dog barks you, shows you his teeth in a threatening manner or will be on his side, should move away from it.

• Dog needs space. If a dog gets into his cage, disposed to bed to sleep, is Tomb on one side away from the others, the child should leave him alone. Dogs also need to be alone.

• Must never trap the dog. Like people, dogs fight or flee. If they Corral it won’t have many options.

If the child does not follow these rules
Dogs are quite tolerant with their owners and people in general if they are socialized, but the dog can not tell you if something does not like. His only way to communicate it is barking, running away, threatening and finally, biting. If the dog does not follow the rules to interact with a dog, there are many possibilities of the dog to let you know, in their own way, that he does not like.

Why dogs bite the children?
• Lack of socialization. Socialization is the key so that your dog will never be afraid or be aggressive with children.

• Pain. Child step on the dog, pulling her ears or touched in a place that hurts the dog.

• Burden. The child caress it too, pulls it, always lies down next to the dog or wants to play constantly.

• Protection of resources. Dogs, like wolves, take care of its territory, although some more than others. It is possible that child not allowed to eat a quiet, remove food from the container or remove toys because he wants to play with the dog. It is best that the child let the dog eat, rest and sleep only, and who understands that things of the dog are dog.

What should you do if your dog is aggressive with a child?
If your dog bites a child or showing signs of aggression you should take him to the vet. Many behavioral problems are linked to the health of the dog. Then you can take it to a dog trainer. Professional help is required.