Doctors Warn of Which The Surgery Genital Sweeps in Adolescents, a New Obsession Aesthetics?

Adolescence is one stage marked by insecurity and the complex. Find a teenager who does not feel at ease with any part of your body (or all) is as rare as finding a four-leaf clover. And more in an age obsessed by the aesthetic ideals, the quest for perfection and by the pressure exerted on our social networks. The latest obsessions to improve our appearance? The genital surgery.

First it was the nose. Then, breasts, thighs, cheekbones, belly… And now, the genitals. The increase in adolescents who undergo genital surgery seriously concerned about the health professionals. Meanwhile, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist has produced a guide so that health professionals can advise their young patients, suggest alternatives to surgery or they can detect cases requiring psychiatric supervision due to excessive obsession with their supposed physical defects.

The subject gives much to think about. And it frightens. ¿Don’t we already have enough pressure do so that the parts most visible of our body to be perfect that we also have to worry about those that do not look? What’s more: why this obsession with having the same appearance, with measures, rules and standards for anything?

Treatment of vaginal surgery is a procedure which we have already spoken on Jezebel. It is of an effective solution for serious, serious problems that complicate the lives of many women, as laxity or vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence. But in recent years increasingly have come to us more news celebrity who undergo these treatments simply because a purely aesthetic.

What for adults aims at a vaginal rejuvenation, to strengthen the internal muscles of the vagina and give shape to the lips in the case of women who have lost shape after many births, for many girls is now in a purely aesthetic objective, clearly influenced by the trend towards integral epilation and greater visibility of this most intimate part of their bodies. And, let us not forget it, because they want to do the same to their favorite celebrities look so perfect as them, so perfect… Although many times that ideal is a lie hatched based on Photoshop and magic games.

Doctors not recommend these treatments to teens, mainly because we are still talking about bodies that have not finished developing, but also because the labiaplasty is full of potential “and if?”. There are many nerve endings in that part of our body that can be affected after an intervention: loss of sensation, pain, numbness in the area…

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the year past 400 women under 18 years of age underwent a labiaplasty, against 222 for the year 2014. Yes, the figures are still high, but the trend clearly shows an increase in this type of operations. 2013 in U.K. study came to the conclusion that the number of girls and women who have had reduced the labia in the country It had increased fivefold in the last ten years.

Of course many of these cases are due to medical reasons and it’s wonderful that surgery forward to solve physical problems, solve problems and relieve pain. But that is one thing and another well obsessed with change every part of our body for fit the ideals of beauty. Ideals that change tomorrow the same by others totally opposed.

Entering an operating room is always an important decision. Enter for aesthetic reasons is something that we must ask ourselves seriously, question to what extent this complex, the trait that we want to eliminate is worth. And more when we are still at a point in our lives that we don’t have clear who we are and what we want, in which we are still dating and We are learning to accept and love ourselves.

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