Do We See a Motorola with Key Lime Pie in The Google I/O?

The rumors We have been hearing about a so-called Motorola phone with Intel processor back to emerge with force from various Android forums.

According to anonymous sources, Google presented the new Motorola Android 5.0 X Key Lime Pie during the next Conference for developers, the Google I/o, which will be held from 15 to 17 may at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

According to this anonymous individual, the new Motorola X would go directly to the category of the phablets thanks to its 5 inch screen that you would have an extremely thin bezel, reaching appear to be smaller next to a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Motorola X It would not belong to the Google Nexus range, but instead of being a disadvantage, this would allow the Illinois work with more freedom in a user interface that complement and improve the experience Android Key Lime Pie (this would be the first handset to carry Android 5.0, we know good ink that will be officially announced at the Conference for developers of May).

Likewise, according to this source, who claims to possess information very close to Motorola, the Illinois also would be working in several add-ons at the level of software and extra features that would be very similar to which incorporates Samsung at its high, as it would be S Beam end terminals.

Google has no custom to submit gadgets that are not Nexus range during its Google I/O Conference, so if the rumors and speculation are made reality, the Mountain View company would break with this tradition.