DIY Nail Decoration

To be really trendy Halloween night is not enough to have a proper and masquerade Halloween make up hip but is essential to cure even the smallest details such as the manicure.

If you don’t want to go the beautician to decorate your nails you can always choose the DIY: here are some tips to decorate your nails in Halloween style quickly and easily.

As a base you can choose from the colors of glazes fashion for fall 2010, dark and metallic, although we recommend using just one Black enamel, perfect for Halloween manicure.

Above the dark base simply switch one glittery Nail Polish for a shimmering effect that will make you look perfect for a Halloween party at the nightclub.

Another alternative is the quick and easy french manicure to Halloween: Orange bezel-black or white nails nails with black bezel.

If you want a livelier manicure you can use as a base one Orange enamel to be enriched with black decorations even simple as stripes or polka dots.

DIY Nail Decoration

Finally, if you have a steady hand and a little imagination, you can enjoy yourself with nail art— draw real Halloween decorations (see on your nails as skulls or bats.

And if you have very little time to prepare do not despair: they’re selling fake nails for Halloween night really spectacular. With a small investment you will make a great impression.