Dilling Underwear Test

As me Dilling underwear has asked if I would not their functional underwear from Merino wool to test thoroughly and to report openly and honestly about on my blog, I have only once trimmed:

Dilling? Never heard. However, the website of Dilling made me curious and I have promised that Exclusive shirt  and the matching Exclusive Leggings test Merino.

Dilling Functional Underwear Made of merino wool

The Danish family Dilling provides for nearly 100 years underwear ago, using only certified organic materials. The processed from Dilling Merino wool comes from Patagonia and is obtained from live sheep that are humanely kept and shorn.

The Merino quality of Dilling is particularly fine and should therefore not scratch the skin. This is achieved, are carefully removed in the scratchy hairs in a 11-hour, environmentally neutral enzyme treatment.

Dilling manufactures its products itself, colors them in Denmark in own dye works without chemical additives or dyes and sells directly only to avoid costly middlemen.

The Exclusive shirt and matching leggings Exclusive have a classic design and are suitable according to the manufacturer of leggings via Homethodology for skiing, hiking or jogging.



  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Materialgewicht: 190 Gramm/m2
  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Price: € 44.99 (shirt) / € 66.99 (Leggings)

Practice test

When it finally was time cold enough for long baselayer, I have the Exclusive shirt and leggings worn both on walks and in the leisure and tested for functionality.

First impression

The black shirt and leggings see with their turquoise, stitching Sporty elegant and I like visually extremely well.

Also, the wide collar of leggings with the Dilling lettering is a nice fashion detail.

In addition, the underwear set is high-quality and without errors. Unclean processed seams or drawstrings I could not make out.

Cut and fit

Here it is on the product side of Dilling to find anything about the fit of the shirt. For baselayer a not so minor detail for the purchase. After the first fitting I was smarter: The shirt is slightly tailored and has a little more freedom of movement and a loose fit.

However, the collar is mine not tight enough on the neck to. Somehow, the collar is quite limp.Especially on one side, always gaped at me a gap between the neck and collar. This allows valuable heat escape at the neck.

The leggings sitting skintight expected. Your wide waistband is not only an eye-catcher, but also reliably prevents a slide down.


The 3/4 length zipper for easy donning shirts and makes strenuous activities for additional fresh air supply. The zipper could however run a little smoother. prevents a chin guard that the zipper scrubs uncomfortable or become entangled into a beard.

Thus, the sleeves do not ride up when tightening and in movement and remain in place, the Exclusive shirt has two practical thumb holes on the cuffs. The way keep the pulse and the back of the hands warm.

The engagement of leggings simplifies access especially in cold temperatures considerably as one (s) do not have to drop my pants to relieve himself go.


The Merionwolle used by Dilling actually has a pleasant soft-almost velvety-feel and wears on my skin felt soft. no trace of scratching.

However, the wide, bulging seams are clearly noticeable on the skin, which is particularly noticeable in the shirt with its many seams.Especially with long hike with attached backpack the seams of the shirt at the support points permanently rub uncomfortably.


The climate comfort baselayer is thanks to the merino wool at a good level. Moisture is not taken quite as fast on exertion in leggings immediately, at the shirt through the loose cut. On the positive side, I have felt that even the wet material during periods of rest does not feel uncomfortably cold.

In addition, the underwear smelled due to the odor-inhibiting effect of merino wool even after repeated not wear uncomfortable. What makes the set just for overnight trips interesting. Although Merino takes longer to dry, less change of clothes is required and it can save space and weight in the backpack.

Heat Output

By thicker material thickness that Combi protects reliably cool before in cold weather. And if the material is once gets wet even more, because the Merino wool can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight. Overall, the warm Set provides good thermal performance.

My Conclusion

The natural fiber merino wool also plays in the SysEx baselayer of Dilling its magnificent Materialeeigenschaften from:

The merino wool is antibacterial, climate control and heated even when wet yet.

The Merionwolle used by Dilling is exceptionally fine and suitable for my feeling even for scratch-sensitive people. However, many, wide seams are permanently clearly noticeable in the shirt.

The cut of the shirt should be close-fitting for my taste and the fit is not optimal, especially for movement-intensive activities.

Nothing more, despite holding the Exclusive baselayer set of Dilling in cold temperatures reliably warm, but is more suitable for sedentary activities, and leisure. However, it scores with fashionable design and good price-performance ratio.

The Exclusive shirt and leggings are exclusively in the online shop of Dilling available.

Note: The functional underwear was kindly provided free of Dilling for the test are available. Thanks a lot for this!