Digital Watches

In our multifunction watch test, we test the best models and compare with each other.Above all be digital multifunction watches considered. In the test is a lot of emphasis on the functions and the quality, that is also processing , the clocks set. Accordingly, should Multifunktionsuhr durable be. Other important factors compared are the opticsand of course the price. We have examples listed in all price segments. First, we show the cheaper options on until we finally the Top quality multifunctional watch Test reach.

Digital Watches

Multifunktionsuhr Standardmodell

The first model in our  multifunction watch test  is a standard model.This is from the brand  Casio presents. The most important additional functions of this multifunction watch are the compass that stopwatch , the alarm, the thermometer and the lighting. Thus, default options are covered. They are a well-lit digital display presents. In addition, the watch is rugged and waterproof. However, the clock is missing some very good function as a GPS system. But the price is considerable. In our test, a real bargain offer.

Multifunction Watch Winner

This multifunction watch is the winner in our overview. It is the absolute all-rounder in one device. All functions of the aforementioned model operates this multifunction watch speak with links. In addition, a number of additional functions come as a good GPS system, step frequency, and a barometer. The brand watch from Garmin can therefore be used for anything-all sorts of sports, hiking or other outdoor activities. Given that is device very simple and quite feasible for a borrowing. In addition, is good battery life highlight, which is supported by a sensible energy storage further.

Multifunction Watch Premium Quality

The last clock in our test has the absolute premium quality. This is especially evident in the list of additional functions , which is too long to be listed here. Here, perhaps, the most important points:  GPS functions, altimeter and weather, special training and sport functions, heart rate measurement, power saving modes, switching positive / negative display and a comprehensive analysis. Plus, of course standard functions of a multifunction watch as time, date, alarm and dual time. In addition to all of these points is that the clock isvery robust , and easy to adjust is.