Different Types of Wallpaper Adhesive

There are not as paint and wallpaper as wall coverings: an adhesive coating that sticks to the wall odorless wallpaper glue is an attractive alternative. At various reasons imitation stone or wood, posters, frieze with or without a message, the diversity of wall adhesives coatings allows everyone to decorate, embellish and customize its interior or without special technical tool.

Different Types of Wallpaper Adhesive

What is termed the right wall of adhesive coating and for what he uses is designed? How to choose and what budget devote? All answers in our article.

Adhesives: Definition

According to Neovideogames, a wall or adhesive coating adhesive of deco ration is a kind of thick wallpaper sticker to be pasted on all non-porous surfaces: tiles, floor tiles, walls, doors, furniture, etc.

Relative to the wallpaper requires that the carrier and the paper are bonded, the back of the wallcovering is already bonded in the manner of an adhesive tape, which allows its immediate placement without further preparation as checking the cleanliness of the support . Simply detach the protective film that protects the adhesive on the back of the coating and apply it on the support.Wall adhesive coatings are available in a large number of textures imitations (wood, aluminum, metal, ceramic, mirror …) and a wide range of colors, but also photos, friezes and messages in many formats.

Good to know: the current trend is to easily decorate a wall or door with stickers in sham or texts carriers delivering a soothing message optimistic or humorous. These stickers are gummed adhesive coatings comparable in laying technique to an advertising sticker.

Use Decorative Adhesive Coatings

One of the first uses of the adhesive coatings appeared on the market was to cover the interior shelves and closets and kitchen furniture. At that time, the adhesive coatings have had great success since they were the only laminated coatings making insensitive to liquids and easy to maintain kitchen units including. Today, the diversity of adhesive coatings that allowed advanced manufacturing techniques allow for an adhesive coating in almost every room of the house and beyond.

Adhesive Coatings Plasticized

Their strength is in addition to their ease of cutting and fitting the plastic front that is easy to maintain and is insensitive to almost all liquids. Their use is mostly in wet rooms:

  • Kitchen: indoor and outdoor kitchen furniture (cabinets, doors, shelves) for smooth coatings but also with textures like concrete, wood, ceramic, tiles, etc. for splashbacks and worktops.
  • Bathrooms and showers: of course the bath room furniture, but also the entourages shower and bath, doors or ceilings that become insensitive to condensation of water vapor.

Good to know: certain qualified coatings insulation or moisture barrier may contain a lead sheet. Lead is avoided in the habitat because of lead poisoning that the interference of lead particles can cause.

Textured Adhesive Coatings

They help give a different look to the support in texture they sometimes imitate to perfection: polished concrete, tadelakt, brick, tile, ceramic, wood, metal smooth, textured or ribbed, etc. Ideal for covering and transforming furniture, they are also used in any room to change the look of a wall.

Colored Coatings, Photos Or Messages

They are mainly used in decoration, either in panels or strips to brighten up a room, decorate a door, a living space or a playroom.

Good to know: there are adhesive coatings used white board or blackboard thanks to their special coating writeable and erasable. Although practices to create a reminder or message area, they are widely used in children’s rooms that can (finally) draw on the walls.

Adhesive Coating: Selection Criteria

Once the type of adhesive coating selected according to individual tastes and where to put it, select it according to its size and quality.


From simple textured or colored tape a few centimeters wide to the wall panel of several square meters, the pressure sensitive adhesive coating comes in various forms:

  • Roll: this is the case but also ribbons rollers sold by the piece in several dimensions. The roll width is important to avoid having to make the connections.
  • Linear meter: available in large or very large rolls on reels store, the purchase is made by the meter to the desired total area.
  • Precut sheets: it is often the case with large wall posters which are sold in a tube containing several sheets to be assembled with connector on the selected media.
  • In the room or in pockets: small stickers are typically sold by the piece or pouch Deco several stickers in the same theme.


The quality will depend on the type of adhesive and its performance in terms of:

  • Collage: it is impossible to know in advance whether the holding of the collage will be satisfactory unless the search sites advices who asked this adhesive or at least one coating that mark.
  • Washing: in general, film-coated and / or laminated coatings are washable as we respect the care instructions (no chemical, no abrasive …).
  • Light resistance: any decor is more or less susceptible to discoloration made by the sun. Even choosing a product described as “light-resistant” by the manufacturer, it is best not to put the coating on a wall exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Peel: to make contact with the bonding performance. A powerful adhesive can be difficult to remove while a peelable adhesive says is likely to take off alone.

Good to know: an adhesive corner to peel can be maintained with a glue point is to hot glue gun rather than using a cold glue.

Price of an Adhesive Coating

The cost of the adhesive coatings are comparable per square meter since the products often come in different shapes (roll, leaves, etc.).

Example: a textured adhesive coating roller imitation stone 2 m long by 0.45 m wide is bought within 10 € while in metal, the roll of 1 m by 1.5 m is priced around € 12, is rarely more than 10 € per square meter.

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