Different Types of Jeggings

The jeggings is THE new trend piece for your wardrobe!For those who have not been following it, remember that this is a mixture between the perennial Denim we pours us each year on catwalks and leggings, latest trend in the small world closed pants. Easy to wear, elastic and very comfortable, it has more and more different looks to accompany more easily any outfit.

The main argument of jeggings is his side “jeans wearable” Needless to say, most models thus repeat this very timeless look, while adding the cup simplissime slim. We thus find the Printed Denim all possible colors of the clear blue to darker, not to mention gray, black, but the colors more pronounced, agreeing to the tastes and trends of the season (pool blue, lilac, gray, bright red or coral…). Small detail that kills the Denim seams or pockets printed trompe l’oeil to narrow silhouettes and restructure the buttocks, stretch the legs, etc…

We also find for some time jeggings printed more or less pronounced patterns, tone on tone or more LEDs. Picking up the first benefits of leggings that looked like everything and anything, it still offers a greater thickness, which gives it an advantage in winter. Finally, panels of different materials have appeared on some models in the waist or knees. The quilted leather, for example, has made its appearance on the jeggings, to match the best with your little biker boots.