Diesel: Militarystyle with retro charm

Wherever you look, in many aspects of life we encounter influences from past decades. Fashion, furniture and accessories in retro design are mixed with modern elements and get a new, fresh appearance. This trend passes also left its mark on jewelry and watches. The fashion label diesel has with the collection master Brigade watches and jewelry in the Vintagelook brought out, which represent a new interpretation of old military equipment. The Brown patina, which is reminiscent of old iron and takes the carrier on a small journey through time ensures the right retro vintage feeling. Orange accents cool accents in the trendy timepieces. The watch collection was inspired by field elements, tanks and ground troops. In the jewelry on the other hand, the heroes of the air determine the design. So, here and there the battle Jet emblem, which turns out to be upon closer than typical diesel-Mohawk head emblazoned. Bracelets with person ID and logo plaques mark the collection of heavy chains and masculine, rustic pieces.

Photos: fossil/diesel