„ The beauty of the sky “ – Noelani

, A new jewelry brand has seen the light of day. Her parents – the Amor group – her given a Hawaiian name: Noelani, on german „ the beauty of the sky “. The young brand would like to accompany the jewelry wearer from now on all their routes. Whether in the Office, leisure or evening – the range is broad and includes simpler models as well as festive glamorous pieces.

Noelani starts with four jewelry collections, which include 450 articles in total, and a clock line. Fruity colors with an elegant girl charm characterize the collection of Berry, set the tone in the soft shapes, hearts, flowers and butterflies. The pieces of the Firefly glow in warm shades of yellow and Brown. Stars, shamrocks and Angel wings are used for good luck. The collection of ocean, which recalls in the summer on the holiday on the beach and reflects clear frost days with clear blue skies in the winter delights in cool shades of blue. It is ultimately mysterious in the fourth collection, which bears the name Mystic. Black cubic zirconia set the scene, noble and powerful sparkling black and white contrasts.


opts for the temptation of sparkling highlights in all colours shine and bring a little piece of luxury in everyday life. The attractive rates in the double-digit range are likely to get many girls hearts. Even the clocks with a rhinestone bezel and leather strap in mock Croc are available for 39.95 euro. „ The beauty of the sky “ hides also in our big Bridgat advent calendar, which will start on Saturday! We not reveal when and with what jewel Noelani will be represented, today however not