Delicate Rings-How about Using Them Together?

For us who love fashion accessories of the handful is a real gift, isn’t it? Never seen so many choices of rings used together and in multiple fingers. The best thing is to hit the fashion world that there is only one rule: the more delicate the rings, the greater the options of use.

But if you have questions about how to use them and which combine more with you, take a deep breath and come with us in this article made solely to show you that being an it girl of the accessories is much less complicated than you think.

All of a single color

For the beginners, the trick is to use delicate rings of a single color. For example, if you chose the yellow gold, keep the tonality in other parts. This will help you to have hands worthy of the Met Gala.

According to mustownJewelry, start with a flange ring worn on the middle finger, you can play with stones and glitter, as for example the flange ring with pearls. The ring a flat ring in heart format helps make up the look with style and pieces that are trend. Finally, the indicator may be adorned with a cross ring, studded with zircônias.

For fans of the silver, the most delicate and fashions are the Adjustable ring with turquoise stones, combined with the kit of 4 aged silver rings that can be used in each of the fingers, the Black zirconia ring and the ring Alliance trimmer with Blue Topaz stone.

Use complementary colors

Now if you really like is to innovate (and we understand you) the mix of complementary colors is the tendency for the mix of delicate rings. For example, silver combines perfectly with the dark rhodium.

The cross ring in dark rhodium can be used on the same finger that Alliance in twisted hoop. To the touch of color that will make the composition with more charm, the turquoise Riviera ring is the perfect piece. All of this can still be combined with the rings in silver and brushed ring which has details on zirconia.

With time you will learn how to blend the colors and feel more free to mix and match parts to the maxi rings or precious stones more showy.

Where to use flange rings? The more the merrier!

If you’re like us and can’t wait to pick dozens of rings to carry out their combinations, the PIP’s Store has several options for you.