Decoration with Balloons Party Ideas

Everybody Loves decorate with balloons or almost all, but certainly most kids love them. Decorate with balloons will brighten any party to the type and variety, and may complement the fun part of your event in the form of games with Fortune and others.

Decoration with Balloons Party Ideas

Package price for decorating with balloons:

Mini package decoration with balloons: 70 lev
Suitable for kids party, birthday.

Decorations with Balloons

They can be happy with colorful balloons in bright colors with helium or air bubbles, for your children’s parties or corporate and private family parties color.

The balloons can be stylized geometric shapes, highlighting the building’s entrances, balconies and terraces or others. Architectural elements of the interior or exterior can fill premises in volume, giving a fun chic or balloons to be written name of the newlyweds, company or etc. The balloons may be present in light and airy tones weddings through arches of balloons, tents, balloons, columns of balloons, hearts or just stylish bouquets of helium balloons.

Clusters of balloons with helium for decorating the ceiling
prices are approximate and according to the type decoration, volume and so on. is an individual offer for each client. Minimum order value for decoration – 50 lev
The prices are without VAT, including transport costs within Sofia, labor and arrangement of space.