Decoration – Ending the Fear of Using Strong Colors

Who does not have that crazy urge to paint a wall of a green GOOD VIIIIII? A yellow I ARRIVED AND ARROSE? A red KILLING and then ends up putting a little beige, a little blue water (I have nothing against these colors, it is said) and that crazy desire is never realized…

Decoration - Ending the Fear of Using Strong Colors

like that trip to Europe that we always postpone..It can be for Bahia anyway!) The problem is that we postpone for fear…of not knowing how to combine, to hate, to be too much, for the husband (or woman) to kill us when we get home…

But let’s observe environments with these “crazy” colors that worked and see why they worked.So, will you be brave enough?

Come on, to start “therapy”: 1) Do you have a lot of the same? Take the risk with one piece! Let the rest of the environment be quiet, neutral, choose a beautiful piece and make it a star! If you want to use other colors in addition to neutral colors, use accessories and details.Remember that this piece WILL CALL ATTENTION. So, you can choose her choice and placement. According to vintageinconfidential, in addition, you can put some small things in the same color in the home decoration (see the 1st photo: pink appears on the print of the cushions and flowers and in the 3rd photo the books and the bottle Repeat the blue…subtle, no?)

2) you have an average meaning, you want to risk a small area to see how this business of living with AQUEEEELA COLOR: Paint the smallest wall OR the one that has a little window (soon little area for color) OR the one that has mirrors Occupying the area, OR create a small area in any way, anyway-The idea is: You will paint THAT COLOR, it will APPEAR, but not in much space!!!! But it will appear, do not forget and do not forget too that if the place is poorly lit or small or the color is VERY “TÔ HERE”, wrap it with a lot of white, off delicate, neutral whites in general. And again, the regrinha: Sprinkle a little of this color through space.

3) You are not afraid MESSSSMO and want more is to fill THAT COLOR your environment!Congratulations, but beware: The fearless sometimes overlap (rs!) So: It’s THAT COLOR we’re talking about, right? So leave room for her to shine and expose herself. We have to have some place to rest our eyes, see? Then: The stronger the color, the more it needs white (notice that in the other examples above white was also heavily used), light neutral, especially if the space is small and/or dimly lit. Reduce the amount of other colors. So, at the same time that she will appear in all her splendor, she will not tire anyone, mad husband, none of that! I suggest you only use A SUPER COLOR on all walls or in a very flashy tone if the environment is large, well lit and putting too much white on the furniture, floor…see:

Of course there are rules to be broken and there are beautiful environments that are made up of many strong colors together, but doing that and getting a good result is a lot harder, see?Let’s go slow… rs!