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Retrospective David Watkins in the jewellery Museum Pforzheim

Jewelry by David Watkins. Photos: David Watkins and Michael Hallson

the jewellery Museum Pforzheim invites you to a special exhibition from 24 July to 18 October, which deals with the creative work of the British jewelry artist David Watkins. In the retrospective, visitors can trace the different stages in the design and the variety of materials and techniques. As a virtuoso, playing the jewelry artist with ideas, evolving it. His devotion to music is certainly formative for his handling of the materials and the implementation of his designs, because David Watkins is not only jewellery artist and sculptor, but also jazz pianist. He transmits the possibilities of improvisation and free jazz design on his jewelry work and gives his pieces so that a comfortable, artistic ease. Portable, large sculptures, strict and minimalist shapes, colour and expressiveness, gold and classic Goldsmith techniques identify its different creative periods. Who would like to see the works of the artist, who worked from 1984 to 2006 as Professor of metal design and decoration at the Royal College of art in London, in natura, has starting tomorrow until October 18 at the jewellery Museum Pforzheim the opportunity. Continue reading

Google Play Games Launches Gamer ID, Your New Profile to Play That It Dissociates Itself from Google +

Google Play games platform already does not require or use our Google + profile to play. During the next few weeks will be your new Gamer ID to enable users to create their own player profile with different name and avatar different from your Google account. Continue reading