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Charity-Friday: Watches instead of weapons

Haute Horlogerie for a good cause: inversion principle

Inversion principle means a clock model, that designed by Adrian Glessing and David Candaux (you Val des Bois) designed and exclusive for the Fonderie 47 Foundation and was made. Fonderie 47 was founded in 2009 with the aim to reduce the enormous number of assault rifles in Africa. Where is especially the assault rifle AK 47 and its offshoots in the focus, which are in large numbers in circulation in Africa and to shockingly low prices easy to buy. The second part of the name of the organization founded by Peter Thum derives from the AK 47. And the French word “Fonderie” means “Foundry” or “Smelter”. So far has Fonderie 47 over 30 000 assault rifles which can work to destroy. A part of such a weapon is incorporated in each model of inversion principle: A dark plate in the form of the Foundation logo on the visible through the glass floor locking wheel consists of the metal of a gun. As proof, the serial number of the weapon in addition to this plate is engraved. Continue reading