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Alchemists in the Galerie Slavik

, The Vienna’s Galerie Slavik introduces the jewelry fall on October 20 with an exhibition of young graduates of the Alchimia in Florence. It will be also works of Italian jewelry artist Lucia Massei, at the same time former Professor of the Florentine School of experimental and contemporary jewellery and design, to see. Traditional materials such as gold and silver, as well as modern materials are incorporated in the work of international artists, which include Yoko Shimizu, Eugenia Ingegno, Marzia Rossi, Margherita de Martino Norantes, Eunjae Baek, Siri Kvalfoss and Silvie Altschuler. High contrast and vibrant, Transparetes, mysterious, are fantasy and humorous until 7 November under the title „ Lucia Massei and the Alchemist “ exhibited at the Galerie Slavik. Continue reading

Munichtime in the Bavarian court

Is for the second time at Hotel „ Bayerischer Hof “ held in Munich (30.10 up 1.11) a show of valuable and complicated watches. Many exhibitors are present on 1400 square metres. Including also the Swatchgruppe and the Richemont group. Last year, the event on the, there is however no sale, had attracted about 7000 fans.

Breitling for Bentley: power package in black

, The powerful, 6.75-liter engine of the Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most powerful motors are to be installed in cars. Such a power package under the trunk was found in the first Mulsanne series from the 1980s. And of course the Bentley engineers in the new edition of the Mulsanne gave this massive displacement the 513 HP eight cylinder in 2009. Continue reading

Laco: traditions

Authentic: even when the original pilot’s watch was dispensed brand name

The Pforzheim watch brand LACO belongs without any doubt to the legends of German watchmaking – also if the name is perhaps not as familiar to the general public, such as long or Junghans. It belonged to the company founded in 1925, in the 1930s and 1940s to the few manufacturers that were allowed to equip the German air force with air – and deck watches. Continue reading

Vulcain: under the sign of the horse

Bridge between cultures: Greek mythology to celebrate of the Chinese year of the horse

Horses have their place in mythology in various cultures. They appear as one of the twelve animals of the Earth branch in Chinese calendar. So, the year of the horse has started on January 31. And shortly thereafter, the Swiss watchmaker Vulcain in Beijing their first own boutique opened. Both events Presidents’ link located in the Special Edition of 50 cricket “Pegasus”, of the two variants one a run of 18 models were made. The motif of the winged horse Pegasus have made use of the craftsman of Vulcain in Greek mythology and thus created a link between European and Asian culture. Continue reading

Retrospective David Watkins in the jewellery Museum Pforzheim

Jewelry by David Watkins. Photos: David Watkins and Michael Hallson

the jewellery Museum Pforzheim invites you to a special exhibition from 24 July to 18 October, which deals with the creative work of the British jewelry artist David Watkins. In the retrospective, visitors can trace the different stages in the design and the variety of materials and techniques. As a virtuoso, playing the jewelry artist with ideas, evolving it. His devotion to music is certainly formative for his handling of the materials and the implementation of his designs, because David Watkins is not only jewellery artist and sculptor, but also jazz pianist. He transmits the possibilities of improvisation and free jazz design on his jewelry work and gives his pieces so that a comfortable, artistic ease. Portable, large sculptures, strict and minimalist shapes, colour and expressiveness, gold and classic Goldsmith techniques identify its different creative periods. Who would like to see the works of the artist, who worked from 1984 to 2006 as Professor of metal design and decoration at the Royal College of art in London, in natura, has starting tomorrow until October 18 at the jewellery Museum Pforzheim the opportunity. Continue reading

Google Play Games Launches Gamer ID, Your New Profile to Play That It Dissociates Itself from Google +

Google Play games platform already does not require or use our Google + profile to play. During the next few weeks will be your new Gamer ID to enable users to create their own player profile with different name and avatar different from your Google account. Continue reading

Pippi Longstocking watch – I me me time as they like!


Wow, the strongest girl of the world now receives his own watch collection! The Lindgren family, which is known as very demanding licensor, awarded for the first time the coveted license for Pippi Langstrumpf watches in 2013 for Sweden and Germany. On the German market sales company Michel Herbelin GmbH, under the leadership of received rattling the exclusive rights by Managing Director Egbert for sales and marketing the world’s first. Continue reading

Panel discussion on the subject of procurement of spare parts

In the context of Midora Leipzig (05. 07.09) a panel discussion turns on fair Sunday the problem „ spare parts – the clocks stop ticking? „. Moderator Horst Eberhardt, Executive Director of the Association for watches, jewelry and time measurement technology will gather here representatives from industry, trade, crafts and policy round table to discuss this issue of vital importance. So far have pledged their participation: Continue reading

Tribute to the reunited Berlin

In the jeweler easy at the Hotel Adlon Hanspeter and Eva Wellendorff presented a gold ring in a limited edition as a tribute to the reunited Berlin together with the couple of light. Among the guests at the opening of the joint annex which were Ambassador France, Great Britain and Switzerland, and actor wife Natascha Ochsenknecht, Dressage Rider Nicole Uphoff and Berlin BMW head Hans Reiner Schröder.

Exhibition in Leipzig: caught up

Exhibition caught up, 18.8.-31.10.09, Gallery Mangold

Issue: Antje Godglück, Katrin Heinrich, Susanne Kunz, Sofia Schaffshausen stone, Eva Simsheuser, Beatrice Ruhle, Mandy Rasch and Alexander Vohswinkel. Continue reading

Tissot: Insights

Insights from all sides: the new model of the T-complications-line

With the new T-complications Squelette, Tissot reveals the innermost secrets of the technical inner life of the clock. Finally, the watchmakers at this model grant unadulterated views through the skeleton movement with manual winding movement, which was based on the Unitas 6497 and gutted exclusively for Tissot. This creation is a three-dimensional experience that will attract many eyes captivated and at the same time the fascination of a mechanical watch vividly makes. Continue reading on the art and culture mile Zwickau

To the Zwickau art & culture mile on August 15 of the online shop will be represented with a stand. The visitors of sweet cream meringues in the form of rings and Lakritzschnecken for the neck and ears can directly in front of the Department store John (design: Tanja Hartmann) be seduced. Colourful geometric gems of aperitif Switzerland, elegant Silver jewelry by Tezer design and extraordinary creations of other designers give an insight into the wide range of contemporary jewellery creation. Continue reading

Goldsmiths courses in Wiesbaden

You want to realize their own ideas or are a very special and unique gift? Goldsmiths & Manufactory Krumpholz from Wiesbaden Goldsmith courses organised again this year. You will learn how even modern machining methods in addition to the basics and the ancient goldsmithing techniques. Prior experience not required. The course fee of 180 euros per person includes Tombak and nickel Silver even sterling silver. Other precious metals will be calculated separately. A course includes 4 nights from 6 pm to 9 pm. The maximum number of participants 6 persons is limited, you should quickly sign up for an appointment. The dates and other information can be found on the Web page of the goldsmiths & Manufactory Krumpholz.

Real Racing 3 Comes to Android TV with Multiplayer Split-Screen

Now you can enjoy of the! best racing Android game on your TV! The great Real Racing 3 Finally makes the leap to Android TV so you can play on a gamepad and the TV as in a game of game console. Continue reading

Young Cellini for the 2nd time on the MIDORA

Image: Wikipedia

They come from Germany, Austria and Italy, and imagine the audience with a total of 148 pieces of jewellery on the Midora Leipzig (05. 07.09). Europe’s highest endowed prize was this year under the motto „ is colorful jewelry, Opal jewelry “ and was silversmiths and jewellers have been awarded for the third time by the Central Association of the German goldsmiths. „ We have built no restrictions, everyone can let his imagination run free – only Opal has a role to play. We will see interesting and new approaches in the opal processing “ Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb, President of the umbrella organization says. Continue reading

Tradition and modernity, Oriental folk jewellery in the change

, The new exhibition at the Goldschmiedehaus Hanau offers also an ethnological lesson about the aesthetic enjoyment. Jewelry as a status symbol or lucky charms, jewelry and symbolism, determination and magical meaning. The exhibition will be shown until September 19, the informal accompanying texts provide information about the meaning and purpose of the 300 displayed exhibits of bride – and head jewelry bracelet and finger rings to amulets, crosses, belts and ceremonial weapons.

Annenberg diamond will be auctioned

On October 21 is the so-called „ Annenberg diamond “ on the New York gem auction by Christie ’ s auctioned. It is a flawless diamond of 32,01 carats, which is drawn in a ring, designed by the jeweler David Webb. He owes its name (Lee) Leonore Annenberg, former Sommerlath in the Reagan administration. Her husband Walter Annenberg was an ambitious collector of art, he gave his Impressionist collection as a gift to the Metropolitan Museum 2002.

Vulcain: Dive in the 70s

Faithful replica of a model in 1970 presented as Vulcain the new edition nautical seventies limited. The model was a diver’s watch icon more than 40 years ago. Which among other things was a technical peculiarity, which belongs to the Vulcain brand DNA: the chime. According to the cricket nautical, whose first Variante in 1961 came on the market, was equipped with an alarm clock chiming clock audible under water. Continue reading

Charity-Friday: Watches instead of weapons

Haute Horlogerie for a good cause: inversion principle

Inversion principle means a clock model, that designed by Adrian Glessing and David Candaux (you Val des Bois) designed and exclusive for the Fonderie 47 Foundation and was made. Fonderie 47 was founded in 2009 with the aim to reduce the enormous number of assault rifles in Africa. Where is especially the assault rifle AK 47 and its offshoots in the focus, which are in large numbers in circulation in Africa and to shockingly low prices easy to buy. The second part of the name of the organization founded by Peter Thum derives from the AK 47. And the French word “Fonderie” means “Foundry” or “Smelter”. So far has Fonderie 47 over 30 000 assault rifles which can work to destroy. A part of such a weapon is incorporated in each model of inversion principle: A dark plate in the form of the Foundation logo on the visible through the glass floor locking wheel consists of the metal of a gun. As proof, the serial number of the weapon in addition to this plate is engraved. Continue reading

Nomos: The Orion grows

Of the Orion by Nomosgehört long time ago to the Canon of classical suit watches. With a diameter of 35 millimeters is however has a more traditional level and many masculine winners is too small. Now, the Orion in the shops comes a slightly enlarged Variant. With a diameter of 38 mm, Glashütte designers however have withstood the temptation to go on fashionable sizes beyond the 40-millimeter mark. Continue reading

IWC: Classic elegance in the Portuguese line

The construction of the chronograph easier especially for long time measurement reading

Also at the third chronograph in the Portuguese family preserves the identity and cultural heritage of the legendary Portuguese original from the 1930s IWC with characteristic applied Arabic numerals, Eisenbahnminuterie and slim feuille pointers and joins in the design of the popular collection. However, shows the new Portuguese chronograph classic thanks to newly interpreted appearance yet surprisingly independent. The edge of the curved front glass not only visually smaller makes the 42 mm diameter of this watch beauty, but also ensures that the language thanks to the traditional glass variant works particularly classic and balanced. The calibre 89361. works in the housing, which is optionally available in rose gold or stainless steel Continue reading