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Autoimmune Diseases Causes

Although the causes of autoimmune diseases are very complex and are due first and foremost to the genetic heritage, among the factors contributing to their appearance there are also wearing lipstick and hair fixative.

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Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet

Fashion and Beauty-Not1

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Wall Stickers in Charming Laundry

Despite being an often overlooked corner of the House, in many apartments today, the laundry almost is integrated into the kitchen, sometimes with nothing to separate environments. Before burning your head, to find a way to hide the laundry “, why not find a way to display it even more? And with a design easy and done for yourself? Continue reading

Skin Care Tips for Models

Copy these 13 little secrets, but know that the models that do not declare, to be always beautiful

Even the models are women like all others, have your problems, the same as a woman working in the office, in the store or at the supermarket checkout. Ready to overthrow the maxi bags that each model goes back over the look book? Maybe there are some tip for your life out of the walkway.

The world of modeling is varied: maybe have no style off the set, but who cares! You currently rather have 90 years and much style (which is debatable) to advertise an economy car disguised as a Rolls Royce? Or be a size 40, green eyes, blond and metroeottanta, daiii not joke about!  Continue reading

Android Wear Updates on the Way to All Devices

Two updates are on the way to all Android Wear devices, GPS support and offline music playback is with the first wave.

In a blog post, Google has been talking a bit about the upcoming updates and planned features for Android Wear. There are supposedly two updates on the way, and they will be rolled out to all watches.

First an update which will enable GPS (on hardware that supports it, of course) and offline music playback. Bluetooth pairing is also part of this update so that music can be enjoyed wirelessly.

The second update includes designs for the clock which can be downloaded via Google Play, they jump lightly over that there do exist some design is Google Play great, but with the second update, it should therefore act.

So, there is a lack of just some information on when these updates rolls out, the closest for a response is “in the coming months” which of course is nice guard, but there goes speculation that it will be on 15 October.

Lingerie for Resale Is a Good Deal?

When seeking a business opportunity is recommended to lift all the characteristics of the market, details about the product and even about the routine of the entrepreneur that segment. Everything should be properly suited to your personal profile and your expectations. But how do you know if your choice is effectively the right one? Continue reading

Smartphone 3D without Glasses from LG

LG also presented three smartphones with Android and price less than R $1000. Check out the models

The new version of the first smartphone with 3D glasses-free technology from LG, Optimus 3D Max, will come to Brazil until the end of the first half. The unit, announced during the Mobile World Congress 2012 , one of the biggest events of the world mobility, will be sold unlocked the R $1,900. Continue reading

Graphite and Decoration: From the Streets to Inside Your House

The  graffiti came in the 1970s in  New York when some young people began to leave their marks on the walls of the city. Over time, these brands evolved with techniques and designs and in every corner of the world, each artist was giving his face to the art. Today we can see how varied murals are in cities. Continue reading