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Second Hand: Sweaters&Shirts

The closer body garments are the more skeptical people tend to be to buy them second hand. The pain threshold that everyone seems to agree on the lingerie. Shirts and sweaters should be considered garments with large fyndpotential second hand. Continue reading

Simple Tips for Choosing Bike Helmet

Hello, Bikers! You know the importance of the helmet in our rides – after all, it is a safety accessory practically indispensable, because if it falls, there will be no serious problems, since the head is a sensitive place of the body. (And, since you, Bikers, must be bald-headed, safe, and well-equipped, we already have a free kick to think and have fun with the pedal.) Continue reading

Streaming Almost as Popular as Traditional TV

Streaming tails onto traditional TV-We will decide where and when we are watching TV.

Consumers will, to a greater extent even be allowed to determine where and when they want to watch TV. It shows a study of Ericsson ConsumerLab.

In the study, which is based on interviews with 23,000 consumers in 23 countries, equal 75 percent that they see streamed content several times a week, while 77 percent corresponds to the watching traditional TV several times a week.

Thus, there is much to suggest that we, as consumers, much more himself will decide when we want to watch TV. Continue reading

Apple Watch Are Already Sold on Chinese Market

Just two days after the presentation of the world Apple Watch, the first Watch Apple’s smart, imitations of the appliance can be found in the Chinese market.

Popular Chinese websites e-commerce like the Taobao offer very similar devices, since the “Watch” to “D-Watch”, almost identical in appearance, but much lower prices to the originals, which won’t arrive in stores in the Asian country until April 24, the same day of your world premiere.

Continue reading

Japanese Painting

The DIY today is easy, anyone can do and will leave your House a lot more stylish and with personality. I learned to make a painting Japanese cute and decided to make for my house and also show you. Continue reading