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Skate Protective Gear: Meet Essential Tools to Practice Sport Safely

Helmet, knee pads, gloves and appropriate clothing can prevent serious accidents for those who practice the sport Continue reading

LG G Watch R-the First Impression [Web]

G Watch R is the world’s first round of Android Wear watch. The combination of traditional design and modern smartwatch clock system appeals, but lacks the last finish.

Google’s newly developed operating system for wearables trickles slowly forward on a number of devices. LG’s G Watch R merges the advanced operating system with a classic timepiece design with round slice, and as the first one, a round display.

As soon as it tightens clockwise on the wrist, it is clear that LG is not a watchmaker. Design elements such as the classic round dial with analog pointers is otherwise in place-the feel is just not good enough: the clock is moulded in plastic rather than metal. Continue reading

The Wardrobe Cornerstones-Flanellbyxan

Today’s post is about perhaps the most important pant in the closet for us at Manolo. Jeans, chinos and manchester are all very well but there are few trouser models that feels more right to the jacket in the fall than flanellbyxan. Common performance yesterday in antacitgrått but also models in blue, Brown or green is really neat to a uddakavaj. Continue reading

Mascara of Eyelash on Diorshow New Look

I used one of the new Quint you Yes → already shown – in addition is now beginning of February the new mascara’Diorshow New Look”by Dior launches. Natalie Portman as glamorous as ever, unfortunately, but not only with the mascara (too bad, that’s always still not will be marked in Germany, when false lashes or Photoshop are in the game…). But with a beautiful overall look, I to would like to make-up again on occasion. Continue reading

Rice Cooker-Recipe, How to

Rice Cookie Recipe

There are dishes that can be useful at home, to enjoy leftovers and still be super delicious. It is the case of the rice cookie that we can use the rice that was not consumed at lunch or dinner and make tasty and tasty rice cakes. Continue reading