Daily Archives: September 18, 2017

My Passarela.Com #8

SPFW continues and yesterday I was once again in the Park Cândido Portinari, this time I went to the parade of Colcci, with look of Passarela.com, since event sets make a visual tuned and nifty isn’t it?! Continue reading

Skate Skateboard Models to Enjoy This Fun

For women who also enjoy good sporting moments, there are many models of skateboarding that can be used to create urban and super stripped looks in a modern and elegant trend. Continue reading

Moto G in New Edition-Affordable Phone from Motorola

Motorola has upgraded Moto G and is now launching the second generation of the acclaimed affordable smartphone.

Motorola Moto G’s like Moto X presented in a new version. The new Moto G is called just “Moto G” as its predecessor, and therefore it might be a little hard to tell the difference.

The first Moto G was praised to the skies from multiple sides, and on the mobile side achieved a rare top marks, there is not at least was justified by the very low price.

The new Moto G also gets a low price rental on 179.99 dollars in the United States (1030 dollars without taxes)-the first generation cost 1,200 kroner. Continue reading

Check Out the Swimwear Fashion Trends for the Summer

Summer is coming and promises to make Brazilian beaches realbeach fashion walkways . So, if you want to make beautiful beaches on the beaches of Rio and other beaches in Brazil, know that today we have brought incredible tips on trends in beach fashion , to rock you not only in the sands, but also the sea and the charming boardwalks of Rio. Continue reading

How to Coat Chairs, Table and Plastic Benches

One of the ways to gain a home with new decorating spending little is revitalization. Changing furniture with a makeover is cheaper and still has the advantage that you can leave the house the way you always dreamed. How to make? With some tips that we will give of how to cover plastic tables, chairs and benches in a simple and cheap way and maybe give life to an obsolete corner of the house. Continue reading