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Functional Luxury from Desperate Needs

Stylish technology storage in Italian quality leather. Desperate Needs is a new Swedish initiatives with the ambition to create stylish and functional leather accessories have been made. Continue reading

Indication of Tents

The day to day FuiAcampar we receive daily emails of campers in doubt about which model to buy tent. Whenever possible we seek to answer each email and message, but with the objective of facilitating and democratizing information we decided to create this post, with indication of tents for specific uses. We hope this article is useful. Continue reading

Moto 360-Smartwatch from Motorola

Motorola has presented Moto 360, a smartwatch running Android Wear.

Motorola has presented Moto 360, a round smartwath, as Motorola did not wish to call a smartwatch, since they primarily see it as a clock and, secondarily, as accessories.

Moto 360 we will now call for a smartwatch using operating system Android Wear and can be connected to smartphones running Android 4.3 or later.

The clock is circular with a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 11 mm. The actual display is on 1.56 inch, 320×290 pixels and 205 ppi. Continue reading

Security Monitoring: News for the Retail Market

The offer of security monitoring service 12:00 am is nothing new. Several companies offer packages that include use of intrusion alarms associated or not to imaging systems for CCTV. However, the advancement of new technologies and intelligence systems have resulted in the emergence of pioneering service of Strategic Security Monitoring, as was baptized by Gunnebo. With it, you can coordinate all the procedures of a store, distribution center, or industry, that is, a single vendor to remotely monitor images and alarms of proactively in order to prevent potential threats to business. Continue reading

Swimsuits of Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

More a Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is coming and, as usual, many Brazilians will go to culture festival fifties American who happens this weekend, from 14 to 17 April in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will have special coverage of Retro Universe. So, we list some survival tips for you to go to the festival for the first time. Check out below! Continue reading

Dog Crying-What to Do to Stop Crying Puppies

 [Video] Dog crying-what can it be?

As we have already said in the article How to get the dog to stop crying, there are basic 3 Laws that must be followed so that your puppy understands the following:

  • He has not been abandoned;
  • He’s not alone;
  • He’s safe.

If he’s not crying for physical reasons, that is, if he is not ill, with fever, with some kind of parasite, with an infection or machucadura, he necessarily is crying for one of these three causes. Continue reading